Project "EAGLES4KIDS" of the EAGLES Charity Golf Club eV supports the exercise program "Move smart!" (BDS) of the Felix Neureuther Foundation

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  • Cooperation between EAGLES Charity Golf Club eV and Felix Neureuther Foundation
  • EAGLES members and friends work hard to get children moving
  • Donations are very welcome

The EAGLES Charity Golf Club eV has been organizing benefit tournaments and events for the benefit of socially disadvantaged people for 29 years. The donations always go to various partnership and non-profit organizations that take care of the well-being of those in need. The type of support is diverse and distributed across all age groups. Now the EAGLES have made it their task to offer socially disadvantaged children the opportunity to pursue physical and mental hobbies with their own project “EAGLES4KIDS”. As part of the cooperation with the Felix Neureuther Foundation, the exercise program “Move cleverly! with Felix Neureuther” is offered specifically to socially disadvantaged children.

“The number of children who are actively exercising or doing sports has fallen alarmingly, not least because of Corona. With “EAGLES4KIDS” we want to make a contribution to making sports and exercise accessible to children who are not have the financial means to do so. The starting signal for our project will be the cooperation with our member Felix Neureuther and his program “Beweg dich schlau!”, in which we focus on children in the age groups 0-6 and 7-10 years”, says Anke Huber, President of the EAGLES. With the targeted use of play and sports elements, we want to stimulate movement in public facilities and families. Through the new cooperation with the Felix Neureuther Foundation, we can jointly create fast, unbureaucratic and, above all, transparent help in the area of ​​exercise.

“The consequences of the corona pandemic hit the children especially hard. The mental strain is great. This is shown by the nationwide Copsy study. About a third (35%) of the children and young people felt during the survey (09-10/ 2021) are restricted in their quality of life. Together with the EAGLES, I will do everything I can to get the children moving again quickly. Movement is the basis for everything. It brings joy, increases the ability to concentrate and reduces stress and psychological strain. This is exactly what they need the kids now!” Felix Neureuther is happy about the support of “EAGLES4KIDS”

“EAGLES4KIDS” supports “Move smart!” an exercise program co-developed by the Technical University of Munich that gets children physically and mentally active, gets them excited about sport and creates a basis for healthy future development. The playful movement exercises combine thinking and movement, increase physical performance and reduce stress.

The current BDS programs:

BDS day care center is primarily aimed at day-care centers for the promotion of age groups from 1 to 3 years and from 4 to 6 years. The motor, cognitive and emotional-social development of the children is supported by age-appropriate perception and movement impulses. The day-care centers receive BDS boxes with play and sports equipment as well as action cards. There will also be workshops and an action day. Further exercise content for at home and in nature is also made accessible. Project duration 2 years. Project costs per day care center = EUR 4,100

BDS campus is primarily aimed at elementary schools to promote age groups from 6 to 10 years. Through active play and movement exercises, the children receive additional sporting opportunities to support their health and concentration in the school setting. The teachers are supported in the five BDS core topics: speed, strength, balance, coordination and endurance with active play and movement exercises in action hours (duration 45 minutes) and are given access to further digital content. Project duration: 1 year. Project cost = 4,000 EUR

BDS family is aimed at families who want to be active together in their private lives and have a variety of movement experiences. The BDS Family-Bags (Variant 1: up to 6 years, Variant 2: from 6 years, Variant 3: 3 to 12 years) contain age-appropriate play and sports materials, action cards and a USB stick with motivational and exercise videos. A BDS Family Bag (incl. handling) costs EUR 115.

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Background information:

EAGLES Charity Golf Club eV

The EAGLES Charity Golf Club eV is a non-profit organization that was founded in Munich in 1993. Well-known athletes, actors, entertainers and journalists, combined with having fun playing golf, serve a good cause and support those who are on the dark side of life. The board of the association consists of eight honorary members: President Frank Fleschenberg, President Anke Huber, Vice-Presidents Christian Neureuther and Michael Roll, Claudia Jung, Ingo Lenßen, Dr. Patricia Cronemeyer and Peter Heidecker. Large and medium-sized companies, golf clubs, hotels or organizations organize charity golf tournaments together with the “EAGLES” to generate donations. The members play around 22 tournaments every year throughout Germany. Over the past 28 years, more than 42 million euros have been passed on to those in need, accompanied by great public and media interest. More information:

Felix Neureuther Foundation

The Felix Neureuther Foundation was founded in 2020 with the aim of making an active contribution, taking responsibility and contributing to a healthier and more sustainable world. The focus is on supporting children and young people. With the exercise program “Move cleverly! with Felix Neureuther”, the foundation for a health-oriented lifestyle is laid in childhood. The foundation is also committed to communicating the values ​​of health, nature, family, humanity and sustainability. More information at

Press contact:

EAGLES Charity Golf eV
Anke Huber – Board of Directors
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85579 Neubiberg
Phone: 089-64 24 80-23
Email: [email protected]

Felix Neureuther Foundation (Munich location)
Robert Lübenoff – Board of Trustees
Sylvensteinstrasse 2
81369 Munich
Phone: 089 / 74 66 14 41
Email: [email protected]

Move smart! with Felix Neureuther
Alexander Lübenoff – project management
Sylvensteinstrasse 2
81369 Munich
Phone: 089 / 74 66 14 50
Email: [email protected]

Press contact (BDS):
Bärbel Mees – PR manager
Sylvensteinstrasse 2
81369 Munich
Phone: 089 / 74 66 14 75
Email: [email protected]

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