Project Playtime: Release date for free horror that marks the return of Huggy Wuggy

Do you remember Huggy Wuggy, the terrifying monster who sowed panic among the little ones during the first months of 2022? Know that the laughing sharp-toothed creature is preparing for a return in a free to play titled Project Playtime.

To develop the game are the creators of Poppy Playtime, MOB Gameswho have apparently shelved single-player horror adventures to put their scary mascot into a product online. As you can also read on Steam official pageProject Playtime is a title asymmetrical multiplayer in which a player who takes on the role of the monster must contend with five survivors who will do everything possible to put a spoke in his works. In addition to leveraging the Poppy Playtime imagery, the game will also be distributed through the model free to play and will therefore be downloadable for free.

Before leaving you to the new trailer of the game, we remind you that its release date is set for the next one December 6, 2022, the day in which it will arrive only on PC (Steam) in Early Access. According to what was declared by the developers, the game will arrive in its final form on Steam in the first half of 2023 and Early Access will include two maps and three playable monsters.

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