Projected onto the building – SOS image from the Munich University Clinic: “Let us point out the dramatic situation”

Projected onto the building: SOS image from the Munich University Clinic: “Let us point out the dramatic situation”

A photo on social media shows the Großhadern Clinic in Munich, illuminated in red with the large letters “SOS”. The clinic’s press spokesman explains to FOCUS Online what it’s all about and gives an insight into the dramatic situation.

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On Tuesday, a picture of the Munich LMU-Klinikum Großhadern went online. The red glowing hospital building with the large inscription “SOS” can be seen on it. A warning call from the clinic because of the dramatic situation due to the high number of corona cases? Triage has even been mentioned in connection with the hospital.

More like a call for help, says clinic press spokesman Philipp Kreßirer to FOCUS Online. “The photo was not an official picture of the clinic,” he says. “Last week we had an action where we actually lit the hospital, that was World Pancreatic Cancer Day. Apparently some employees felt motivated to say ‘let’s rewrite this a bit to point out the current dramatic situation and encourage people to themselves to get vaccinated ‘”, explains Kreßirer.

Clinic press spokesman: “The intensive care units are usually full”

The situation in the Munich University Clinic is anything but relaxed. “The intensive care units are usually full – either with Covid patients or with other patients,” said Kreßirer. After all: “We don’t have a triage,” he says.

In some cases, however, the operating theaters would have to be blocked “in order to move employees from there to intensive care medicine”. At the moment – both locations taken together – eleven operating theaters are closed. New teams in intensive care medicine have been put together from the staff that has become available as a result. The LMU-Klinikum has two locations, one on the outskirts in Großhadern and one in Munich city center.

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Not all capacities are made available for Covid patients. “We always need around 20 intensive care beds for transplant medicine alone. That is a supply that cannot be postponed.” You have to let it stand. When an organ comes, it’s hard to say, “We’re postponing that for three weeks,” explains the press spokesman.

“The company is at the limit,” he admits. Sometimes normal wards are closed in order to combine them into larger units for Covid patients who do not need intensive care.

Due to the disaster in Bavaria, the requirement was not to carry out any operations that could be postponed. According to Kreßirer, this includes cosmetic surgery or a minor intervention on the knee. The difficulty lies in the demarcation: “Where do I start with deferral?” He asks. That is always an individual decision that the doctors then have to make.

In the end, however, he emphasized: “Everything that is life-sustaining will continue to be carried out”.

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