Promise kept – Joko and Klaas build Steven Gätjen a house

Unfortunately it only lasted a few seconds.

The next hard fight for 15 minutes of free airtime was waiting for the cult moderators Joko Winterscheidt (43) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (38) on Tuesday evening.

And for this edition of “Joko and Klaas against ProSieben”, the broadcaster took a special request from viewers to heart. Last year, after a game in which the two entertainers had to use saws and hammers for furniture work, the fans demanded a separate house for moderator Steven Gätjen (49) – built by Joko and Klaas.

Gätjen finally gets his own house

ProSieben finally seemed to have heard this request, so that evening Gätjen was able to proudly announce: “I want you to build a house around my favorite armchair and my floor lamp.” Four walls had to be erected within ten minutes. An endurance test at the end should test the stability of the hut.

The fans' wish was answered: Steven Gätjen should get a house from Joko and Klaas

The fans’ wish was answered: Steven Gätjen should get a house from Joko and KlaasPhoto: ProSieben / Nadine Rupp

But after a short time, the two moderators despaired of their task. After heated disputes, Joko moaned at his partner: “Sometimes it’s better to just let me do it than to discuss it!” Klaas moaned in between: “Joko, I screwed up. I don’t know, it’s tipping over!”

After a wall collapsed with a crash, even moderator Gätjen was blamed: “Steven, what did you do?” Joko fumed: “You’re a real manipulator!” Gätjen reacted offended: “That’s my house! Why would I manipulate that?”

Nevertheless, he graciously made himself available to hold a pillar – not without nagging himself: “You order a house and then build it yourself…” After ten minutes something like a hut really stood up and even a sign adorned it Structure: “Steven’s house built by Joko & Klaas”.

But the endurance test still awaited the built structure. To protect life and limb, Gätjen appeared in full construction worker gear with a yellow helmet. The last words were for his mother: “I’ll say goodbye, mom. I’ll go into my house.” After he sat down in his chair, artificial rain started, accompanied by gusts of wind.

The house was supposed to hold up for three minutes, but after just a few seconds, Gätjen’s new home collapsed. However, that did not save the moderator – he had to endure the wind and rain and endure falling wooden slats to the bitter end: “Like at home in Hamburg!”

This was followed by bitter disappointment: “I was looking forward to the house, to moving in. But I’m cold, it’s wet!” The spectators felt sorry for the moderator – but Klaas then even took it malice: “Steven just got a slat on his head, it’s very strange. He also has very large pupils!”

So this round was lost for Joko and Klaas – and neither of them had any luck in the game “What we do in the shadows”. Pop singer Ross Antony (47) and comedian Simon Pearce (40) challenged the two to recognize shadow outlines – with a garden gnome, however, Joko and Klaas were convinced: “It’s a leaf blower!” Klaas himself also had to serve as a shadow work – but the opponents recognized correctly: “This is a human!”

Ross Antony and comedian Simon Pearce competed against Joko and Klaas and won

Ross Antony and comedian Simon Pearce competed against Joko and Klaas and wonPhoto: ProSieben / Nadine Rupp

Final without surprise

With detective flair, the viewers had already suspected that Joko and Klaas would probably not have 15 minutes of broadcasting time that evening. The reason: ProSieben had already announced a live football game for Ukraine on Wednesday evening several times – postponing this game or broadcasting it later would have been too unlikely. And that’s right, the two moderators didn’t grab the final game “Bedeck den Flecke”.

The penalty will follow in the next issue of “Joko and Klaas against ProSieben”: Next Tuesday, Joko and Klaas will have to re-record all sounds such as the title melody, buzzer sounds and horns with their own voices.

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