Proof photo: Laura Müller met Michael Wendler at the age of 16, not at 18

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Laura Müller and Michael Wendler have been a couple since 2019. Since then, the big age difference has often been discussed. Now it has become known that they have known each other since 2016 – when Laura was only 16 years old.

Cape Coral – Since Michael Wendler (50) and Laura Müller (22) first appeared publicly as a couple in 2019, their relationship has been hotly debated on a regular basis. After all, the two share a remarkable age difference of 28 years. It is not uncommon for celebrities to choose significantly younger partners in the world of the rich and beautiful, but the relationship between the two met with sharp criticism, especially in the early years.

At the city festival: Laura Müller and Michael Wendler are said to have met in 2016

Despite the unmistakable negative voices, there was initially nothing reprehensible about the love affair between Laura Müller and Michael Wendler. After all, she is said to have been of legal age when she first met the hit star. As it turns out, this was only half the truth – because the lovers should have known each other for a lot longer.

Laura Müller and Michael have been together since 2019, although he is 28 years older.
Controversial love story: Laura Müller and Michael Wendler have been officially a couple since 2019 and have been married since 2020 – even though he is 28 years older than her. © Screenshot/Instagram/lauramuellerofficial (photomontage)

As reported, Laura Müller and Michael Wendler are said to have met for the first time on June 10, 2017. The photographer Roberto Abramowski looks back to the newspaper on that day: At a festival in the city of Stendal in Saxony-Anhalt, where Michael Wendler was on the stage, Laura is said to have taken a backstage photo with the Schlager veteran. She was only 16 at the time, still going to school and working part-time in retail, while he was still married to Claudia Norberg (52) – but the love story between the two soon took its course.

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Controversial love affair: Laura Müller’s mother reacts to the relationship with Michael Wendler

The revelation that Michael Wendler and his beloved exchanged looks for the first time when she was still a minor should come as a surprise. Especially in their home town of Tangermünde, the relationship between the two still seems to meet with little approval today. “I’d rather not say anything about that,” Laura’s mother said in an interview on her daughter’s controversial romance. But obviously enough has already been said.

In spring 2019 they shared their happiness with the world for the first time, on June 19th, 2020 they tied the knot and today Laura Müller, despite the apparent picture book marriage, gives a deep look on her OnlyFans account. Your love story with the hit star is turbulent and provides practically non-stop topics of conversation. A court visit by Michael Wendler, from which he hoped to get 50,000 euros and during which his daughter Adeline had to testify, also recently attracted a lot of attention. Sources used:,

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