Protect your Android from trackers with the new DuckDuckGo feature

The DuckDuckGo search engine has great news for Android users. The application has brought a new function capable of analyzing the behavior of applications to neutralize data tracking.

Now with the search engine it will be possible to block the tracking of user data in order to provide greater protection to Android cell phones.

It is an extension that is already available at the moment in the beta version for Android, which is completely free and allows you to protect from trackers that identify other apps that users have downloaded on their mobile, something that could put at risk your personal information.

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The problem with these trackers is that they can benefit from personal data and send it to third parties in order to create personalized advertising and sell such information to advertisers and governments, as explained by the company in a statement.

It is for this reason that this new function is created with the purpose of preventing these information thefts, since more than 96% of the most popular free Android apps come with trackers, of which 87% send data to Google, while 68% shared it with Facebook, as reported by

How the new DuckDuckGo feature works

‘App Tracking Protection’ is the name of the new DuckDuckGo feature, which is integrated into the search engine app. When the user has activated it, it identifies when the Android applications are going to send data to third-party monitoring companies and blocks this transfer of information.

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As explained by the company, users will not have to keep the extension open, but the tool will be working in the background, even when the person is not using the cell phone. The blocking of these trackers can be seen in real time using DuckDuckGo and you can also identify which networks they tried to send personal data to.

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