Province will control prices in supermarkets in La Plata

Province will control prices in supermarkets in La Plata

The head of the Collection Agency of the province of Buenos Aires (ARBA), Christian Girardannounced this Wednesday that The Buenos Aires Government will advance with fiscal controls in self-services and neighborhood supermarkets during the next few days.

“In these controls, the fiscal condition of the businesses, their tax compliance, the means of invoicing, the presentation of sworn statements will be certified, sales and means of payment will be verifiedas well as the documentation for the purchase of the displayed merchandise,” the official told Télam.

Last week, ARBA and the Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation already carried out joint operations in the interior and in the suburbs to control tax situations and compliance with the Care Prices program in hypermarkets and wholesalers.

Until now, the operations have been extended to branches of Toledo, Coto, Nini, Makro, Cencosud, Carrefour, Changomás, La Anónima and Cooperativa Obrera, among others. And they covered districts such as La Plata, San Miguel, Vicente López, Tandil, Bahía Blanca, Mar del Plata, Martínez, Moreno, Chacabuco, Trenque Lauquen and Salto.

“We carried out an operation that covers the entire province, with 20 control points in 15 supermarket chains that account for 80% of sales,” Girard said.

Along these lines, the head of ARBA considered that “it is prudent to control prices and tax evasion” since “the current is a delicate moment, in which the inflationary process is at very high levels.” “There are representatives of the sector who pride themselves on marking prices every day when people have trouble making ends meet or can’t buy food so as not to go hungry,” he added.

ARBA and Production detected a high level of infractions in the transport of merchandise leaving distribution centers: 20% of the controlled trucks had some type of irregularity in the supporting documentation.

In addition, supply problems were detected in most of the large supermarkets with shortages of Care Prices products.

“We control three aspects: supply, signage and prices. Care Prices is a program through which a basket of goods and prices are agreed upon that are adjusted with certain periodicity. They are agreed prices. In that sense, price compliance is high”, concluded Girard.

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