PS deputy: “Portugal no longer trusts Temido”

Miguel A. Lopes / Lusa

Asked about the possible resignation of the minister, Sérgio Sousa Pinto joked: “If it is to keep things as they have been, it can remain”.

Marta Temido has been the target of criticism or constant questions, in several subjects in the last two years.

the answer to pandemic been asked many times, the complaints of professionals and users multiplied, lack of doctors family did not help and, in recent days, the closure of several emergency services put Marta Temido back in front of the microphones almost daily.

Criticisms have been repeated, the most recent coming from unions, but it was hardly expected a criticism from within the Socialist Party (PS), which forms the Government and where Marta Temido is inserted.

“O country no longer has confidence in the current holder of the health portfolio”, admitted the deputy Sergio Sousa Pinto, in a program of CNN Portugal.

The PS deputy does not believe that the Minister of Health “can be the protagonist from any effort reformistin an area that needs to be reformed”.

When asked about Temido’s eventual departure from office, Sousa Pinto replied: “To keep things as they are, the minister can remain…”.

The socialist deputy reinforced: “We are all defenders of a good National Health Service”.

These words appear on television the day Marta Temido was in the Assembly of the Republic, before the deputies, where she admitted that the National Health Service has “structural problems” that are already being answered by the Government through “a plan and a vision”.

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