PS Plus: Sony is not worried about the drop in the number of subscribers and users

The giant Sony has been talked about a lot since the beginning of 2022. We think back in particular to the notable takeover of Bungie to the tune of 3.6 billion dollars and more recently to the formalization of PlayStation Plus Premium. Sony has just expressed itself on its famous paid subscription and on the latest results in decline of the latter.

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Hope raised by the service to compete with the Xbox Game Pass

This is what we learned from the last financial statement for the 2021 financial year published today. In particular, we discover a significant drop since the last quarter of 2021 and an overall drop over the past year. PS Plus currently has 47.4 million subscribers and it lost 600,000 of them in one quarter.

Ditto for active users with 106 million recorded last March, a drop of 5 million users in one quarter and 3 million in one year. These users are the estimated total number of unique accounts that played games or used services on PlayStation Network during the last month of the quarter.

It was during a conference call that Sony’s chief financial officer, Hikori Totoki, said:

“Let me give you the general trend. The total playing time is very important. Year-on-year there was a drop, but the lockdown environment was not so strong between January and February in 2021 compared to the previous year. This is a decrease of 8% compared to January and February in 2022. Compared to the end of March 2020, there is a decrease of 5.9 million users. The lockdown was a temporary factor, but after it subsided, it seems to me that the high levels of engagement were maintained. So, in the medium term, I don’t see any concerns for PS Plus. I’m sure the high level of commitment will continue. It is a positive point of view that I have. »

Totoki therefore remains on the reserve and tries to put it into perspective by justifying these drops in particular by the end of confinement and the fact that players are less often at home, and therefore less time to play. The upcoming overhaul of PS Plus in June with different subscription levels and games on demand are also important elements to consider for Hikori Totoki:

“We will start PS Plus renewal from June in a phased manner and we would like it to develop in a stable way and be supported by users. I would like you to have high expectations about this with me”.

The redesign of Sony’s famous subscription will make it a real competitor to the Xbox Game Pass already established for some time and bringing together more than 25 million users. The new PS Plus will offer three subscription tiers: Essential, Extra and Premium. On the program, a library of more than 700 games, including 400 downloadable PS4 and PS5 titles, PS3 games available via cloud streaming, as well as a catalog of classic games available from PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PSP original.

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