PS5: A Japanese dealer tries a deterrent method to repel speculators

In Japan, the PS5 recently passed the milestone of one million copies sold. This result, obtained relatively quickly, gives a priori reasons to rejoice at Sony. However, the reality of the facts is quite different. Supplies of consoles, still limited, remain the target of many speculators. In an attempt to limit the phenomenon, a dealer decided to use a new technique.

In Japan, a sign specializing in electronics is now using a radical means to fight against speculators of the PS5. The Nojima Denki channel now writes the full name of the buyer of a PS5 directly on the box of the latter.

As the twittos relayed “Gaijinhunter, “the Japanese reseller does not limit himself to that. Nojima Denki is also getting rid of the DualSense controller packaging in the PS5 box. This radical measure comes in addition to another system put in place previously.

Like what Yodobashi Camera has been doing since last February, Nojima Denki is also asking PS5 buyers to use their store card to make their purchase. Obviously, this system was not sufficient.

It remains to be seen whether their real name inscribed on the box this time will be enough to deter Japanese speculators. However, it is not impossible to imagine that having their identity revealed in this way is not to the taste of speculators.

In Japan, the PS5 are selling, but not its games

In Japan, speculation around the PS5 has been a real problem since the console launched last November. The scalpers are organized as elsewhere and take advantage of the stocks in consoles, to say the least, limited. For example, it is not uncommon to see PS5s just obtained in stormed shops end up in second-hand shops a few minutes later.

In other cases, Japanese PS5s are also used to fuel the black market in other Asian countries including China. The extent of speculation around the PS5 in Japan can be seen by looking at the sales of physical games.

While the PS5 is selling relatively well in Japan, the same cannot be said about its games. When Sony’s console passed the million-copy mark in Japan, its best-selling games were revealed too.

With only 67,210 units sold, Resident Evil Village has the biggest physical sales on PS5. And it’s rare for PS5 games to end up at the top of the archipelago’s sales charts. If dematerialized games and free-to-play have clearly gained ground, such figures help to underline the extent of speculation.

What do you think of this strategy employed by the Japanese PS5 dealer? Do you think it will be effective? How do you fight against speculators? Tell us all in the comments below.

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