PS5: a new console in preparation at Sony

Is Sony about to release a new PlayStation 5? A CFI-1200 model has just been spotted in Japan. Major upheavals in sight or a refresh without impact?

It’s not the “Pro” or the PS6, but a new PS5 model has been registered on the Japanese side. A slim console? A different design from the original? Nothing of the sort ? The news.

A new PS5 is coming

As seen by an Internet user and our colleagues from VGCa new PS5 CFI-1200 has had the approval of the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. A model that may have an updated wireless module and a semi-custom 6nm processor from AMD.

Not to beat around the bush, it should not change anything for the end user since this is not the objective of this kind of versions. However, for Sony, maybe it will improve PS5 production in the world. Because despite a historic year, the shortage is tenacious.

It therefore seems to be the model mentioned by DigiTimes, which could land this year. Which would explain this discovery. Just a guess for now. For an “unpublished” design, you still have the official PS5 fronts, each more than colorful than the next.

37 million consoles in 2023?

This new model may help Sony Interactive Entertainment reach its objectives of 37 million PS5s on the market by March 2023. To achieve this, the manufacturer hopes to be able to sell 18 million consoles to consumers who are desperate for a machine.

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