PS5: An official ultra collector blue DualSense controller spotted

On the Xbox console side, Microsoft markets a large number of different colored controllers. The Xbox Series X | S have in one year already amassed an impressive collection of controllers. On the side of PlayStation, the finding is significantly different. On PS5, only three colors of DualSense are officially available. Unless you have the right contacts …

A more official blue PS5 DualSense controller was spotted on Twitter recently. This controller was indeed part of a gift sent by Team Asobi to Shuhei Yoshida. And it is the latter who revealed this precious controller by posting a photo on his personal Twitter account.

DualSense bleue not for resale

In this photo, it is therefore possible to see a blue DualSense controller customized in the colors of Team Asobi. On the latter, a dedication “to a special bot“has also been engraved. Obviously, this controller is not commercially available. It does, however, give an idea of ​​what an official blue DualSense might look like.

Note that in addition to this precious blue controller, the package sent by Sony’s Japanese studio contained other goodies. Including a card signed by the studio team. FYI, Team Asobi was formerly one of the Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio teams. Last April, this studio officially disappeared and Team Asobi became a studio in its own right.

Between Team Asobi and Shuhei Yoshida, it’s a story that lasts

Led by Nicolas Doucet, Team Asobi is behind titles like the excellent Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Astro’s Playroom. He was also involved in the design of the PlayStation VR and the DualSense controller. When Shuhei Yoshida was president of Sony Worldwide Studios, he obviously worked closely with Nicolas Doucet and his team. Which obviously created strong links.

Following organizational changes within SIE, and Jim Ryan’s takeover at the end of 2019, Shuhei Yoshida left the head of Worldwide Studios. The one who is one of the historical figures of PlayStation now takes care of relations with external independent studios.

To come back to the first subject, it is therefore a question of a gift made internally at Sony. But it is possible to wonder if a significant public reaction to this photo could encourage the manufacturer to market a similar PS5 controller. Only the future will tell. Currently, the DualSense PS5s are only available in white, black or red.

What do you think of this blue DualSense controller? Would you be tempted on Sony officially marketed? What color of PS5 controller would you most want? Tell us all in the comments below.

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