PS5: look no further, consoles are in electric cars

If the shortage hits the PS5 hard, you can still find the Sony console at this car manufacturer.

So we can learn that Sony and Honda are joining forces to build new electric cars that include entertainment elements such as music, movies or even… a PS5 game console.

A PS5 in your electric car

As the newspaper reports FinancialTimes, Sony Honda Mobility is a joint venture that aims to manufacture the electric cars of the future. Everything is expected for 2025. Its president, president Izumi Kawanishi declares in this regard:

Sony has entertainment content, services and technologies that move people. We adapt these assets to mobility, and this is our strength against Tesla

To take advantage of the space in your car, you need to make it a space where you don’t need to drive. The solution for this is autonomous driving.

Add a PS5 to vehicles is “technologically possible. We will develop a car as hardware that meets the entertainment and networking that we would like to provide.

Enough to be able to play Gran Turismo in a real car during the journey, enough to have the ultimate simulation experience. The addition of the game should allow Honda to differentiate itself from their main rival Tesla. Because for the moment, the video game does not seem very developed beyond the usual use via Android.

In any case, level 3 automatic driving has only just been authorized in Europe and the French decree on this subject has only been released since September 2022. We are still a long way from a 100% autonomous car with the possibility to play while your vehicle takes you to your destination. Maybe someday…

Would you be interested in an electric car with the addition of a PS5? Or is it totally superfluous in your eyes?

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