PS5 Slim: Detachable disc drive, best budget choice for Sony PlayStation?

Game news PS5 Slim: Detachable disc drive, best budget choice for Sony PlayStation?

Call a plumber, leak week continues! After GTA VI and Diablo IV, it is the possible next model of the PlayStation 5 that is talking about him. A model that would bet on a detachable disk drive. Is it believable, what would it mean for Sony? Our opinion !

Well known in the industry, insider Tom Henderson has struck again. Yes, according to his sources, the next model of PlayStation 5 would be scheduled for September 2023 with the argument of a detachable disc drive. The object would connect to the back of the machine thanks to a brand new USB-C port (there is currently only one at the front). “The console, currently named ‘PlayStation 5 D Chassis’, will have almost identical hardware to the existing PS5s already on the market,” notes Tom Henderson, on Insider Gaming. Obviously, this famous disc player would either be sold separately or from a bundle with Sony’s next product. The insider further specifies that the PS5 itself can also be purchased as such.

Frequent changes

Even if we are talking about rumors here, it would not be the first time that the Japanese manufacturer has made adjustments to its console. Before the D chassis – roughly, the name given to the major revisions of the PS5 – there was therefore the A, B and C chassis. The first refers to the original product, marketed when the machine was launched in November 2020; The B, spotted in 2021 on standard editions | digital, bets on a smaller fan and a weight reduction of 300 g compared to the basic models. Then, the slimming cure was even more accentuated. “In two years, the PS5 lost 600 grams in its normal version and 500 in its digital version” thus sums up Numeramain an article published last August.

“Sources have suggested that while the new disk drive is detachable, it won’t spoil the aesthetics of the machine and will attach to it without giving the impression of adding an external part. This means – obviously – that the new PlayStation 5 will look like the existing model” – Insider Tom Henderson, on his Insider Gaming site

Heavier therefore more expensive

To have a lighter product, soon with a removable disk drive, yes but why? In a difficult economic context, which has led Sony to raise the price of the PS5 in certain regions of the world (€499 to €549 for the standard edition here), we could say that “all means are good to save money”. According to the specialized site TweakTownan answer should be sought from the side of the shipping price from the console by cargo ships. “Lighter PS5s mean less weight, and less weight means lower overseas freight shipping costs,” the outlet explains. For the astonishing system of the PlayStation machine, this is the explanation that seems the most logical. In addition, the next version described by Tom Henderson could lose a few extra grams with a detachable disk drive. All in all, the PS5 would be lighter than ever and its travel ticket even more affordable.

Two consoles in one

But more than savings on shipping costs, this probable new console could have an impact even on the production costs of PlayStation! Because to believe Tom Henderson, the Japanese manufacturer already seems to see far with his machine with a detachable disk drive. A machine which would thus become a sort ofhybrid between standard and digital edition, which can accommodate what is needed to play Blu-ray games or even “transform” the PS5 Digital Edition around the world into the standard version. “(According to sources close to the company – editor’s note) Sony plans to produce 18.5 million units of the new PlayStation 5 in fiscal year 2023 and only 12 million units of AC chassis consoles then that they start to be deleted” says the insider. For now, Sony has not yet commented on these rumors.

The PS5 with the removable drive would therefore gradually replace the standard and digital edition that we know, which would greatly simplify the production chain and the logistics of PlayStation. Yes, with a simple accessory to stick to the rear of the machine at the end of manufacture, you get a second version, which says better! Of course, the question of the price of the reader will quickly arise. Just like that of this probable next PS5. After a price increase – very unpopular with players – the Japanese brand should not miss its next move. Case to follow.

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