PS5: Sony announces the disappearance of a feature

The PS5 will soon be deprived of a feature. Faced with the lack of interest from players, Sony preferred to put an end to the Accolades feature. The option lives its last moments on the console.

On its official website, Sony has just announced the disappearance of the Braces function of the PS5. The option will be discontinued next fall on all consoles. An update should come to sign the end of the functionality.

To explain the death of the Accolades function, Sony puts forward lack of player interests. The Japanese giant indeed specifies that the functionality has not met with the expected success.

We are therefore going to refocus our efforts. We encourage the community to continue sending positive messages to each other. “says Sony on its site.

What is the Accolades function of the PS5?

This is a largely unrecognized option for PS5 owners. Launched at the same time as the console, the Accolades function was to allow players to salute an opponent who was particularly pleasant and respectful during a game. It is not possible to send a hug to your friends and blocked players. Note that sending Accolades is anonymous.

“In some online multiplayer games, you have the option to give feedback to the people you play with. Have you had a positive experience playing with an online player? Show him your appreciation by sending him a hug »details the Japanese group.

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Sony encouraged gamers to collect Accolades by being kind to others. Four categories of Accolades had been set up: Helpful, Welcoming, Sportsmanship and Leader.

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Rise in PS5 stocks

Almost two years after its release, the PlayStation 5 remains one of the most sought after products of the market. Faced with a shortage of computer chips, Sony failed to produce enough consoles to meet the gargantuan demand from gamers. As a result, the PS5 has met with monster success on the second-hand market, where many resellers do not hesitate to inflate prices.

Aware of the annoyance of the players, Sony is committed to speed up production of PlayStation 5. As part of his latest financial statementthe firm has announced that it wants “take steps to increase player engagement in the second half of the fiscal year,” in particular by increasing the offer of PS5. Sony hopes to reach 18 million sales by 2023 and meet its objectives.

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