PS5: Sony patents a new feedback system for the DualSense sticks

Sony Corporation has filed a new patent linked to gaming controllers and hypothetically to the DualSense of PlayStation 5 or to an updated and improved version of the joypad. What is it about? Let’s see it together.

The patent in question is related to the analog sticks that would exploit a non-Newtonian fluid to offer better haptic feedback? Non-Newtonian fluid? Don’t worry, it is simply a material (or rather, a substance) that actually acts as a fluid being able to change its viscosity in case of force majeure, in other words the feedback of the controller sticks should thus be more realistic, reacting better to multiple pressure levels.

Will we ever see this patent in action? Difficult to say, in the world of technology hundreds of patents are filed daily and it is not certain that you will actually be able to find their real commercial use, however, the registration of the patent serves to protect your idea from unauthorized use.

Recently Sony also filed a new patent for the PS5 Dev Kit with a panel that would allow a best assortment of electrical noiseaccording to many this improvement could debut in the future on PlayStation 5 PRO but even in this case we are talking about pure speculation and there are no certainties of any kind about it.

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