PS5: Sony would prepare a unique model to solve supply problems

The PlayStation 5 is still hard to find and Sony knows that. The Japanese firm plans to release a new unique model next year, intended to replace the two current models. It would have an external disk drive, sold separately.

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Sony is preparing for another major overhaul of the Playstation 5. The Japanese firm would like to offer it with a removable disk drive. The news comes from Gaming Insidera new online journal run by Tom Henderson, the man who shared the GTA 6 leaks.

Towards a single PS5 model with an external disk drive

Tom Henderson explains that Sony is considering a release of this new model in September 2023, with an external drive sold as an extra. Sony would therefore finally consider to phase out its two-model approach, which consists of selling a version with disc player and another, completely digital. An approach that should help the company reduce its production problems.

Indeed, in the face of high demand, Sony is currently experiencing a severe shortage of PlayStation 5s, even though the company has promised that restocking issues will soon be resolved. Inflation in Europe has already forced Sony to increase the price of its console in some markets, including France, without however solving the availability problems. An updated version with an optical disc accessory could well speed up production in the coming quarters and solve the dilemma of disc sharing for gamers who purchased the all-digital version of the PlayStation 5.

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According to the report Gaming Insider, this model would be identical in terms of design to the consoles currently sold. The only difference therefore is a removable disk drive that can be connected via a USB-C cable. Sony would sell this disc player separately or as a bundle with the console. As a reminder, Sony quietly started selling a modified version of the PlayStation last year, featuring a smaller motherboard, a modified SSD enclosure and, most importantly, more efficient thermal hardware.

To date, it is not known what changes Sony is planning for the design of this console. Will it be thinner than the current one? Will the disc player be compatible with the Digital Edition? Some questions remain unanswered. We will see.

Source : Insider Gaming

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