PS5: this store has found the method to avoid wild resale

News hardware PS5: this store has found the method to avoid wild resale

Published on 10/14/2021 6:15 PM

While it will soon celebrate its first anniversary, the PS5 is still a scarce commodity, mainly because of those called “Scalpers” (speculators), who resell consoles at exorbitant prices on resale sites. To counter this phenomenon, a Japanese store has devised a very specific method that should not appeal to everyone.

PlayStation 5: the phenomenon of scalping penalizes players and worries Sony

Almost a year after its official release, on November 19, 2020, and despite sales records, the PS5 remains untraceable in stores for the common man and even reservations prove to be a real obstacle course without any guarantee. This is due to the shortage of components on the one hand, but also to the famous Scalpers who buy consoles en masse and resell them at high prices on second-hand sites such as eBay, Le Bon Coin and others.

Sony may smile broadly when talking about sales figures and financial results, when you take a look around your surroundings, you realize that some have still been waiting for months to get their hands on the precious sesame. And when we know that production is not expected to improve until 2023, lack of components, some take the opportunity to raise prices, as well as graphics cards for example. While most brands have taken measures, such as limiting sales to one console per household, nothing prevents scalpers from creating fake accounts and thus bending the rules.

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Japanese store tags PS5 boxes to counter scalpers

Among all the methods that we have seen here and there, there is one a little special which has been making its little buzz for a few days. It comes to us from Japan and more precisely from the Nojima Denki store chain which now subjects PS5 sales to two conditions. The first is that the buyer’s name is written entirely on the box at the time of purchase, with a ballpoint pen to be properly embedded in the box.. The second condition is that the DualSense controller will be stripped of its packaging and that it will be discarded.. If you agree to these terms, then the console will be yours.

The scalpers wishing in principle to remain anonymous, to see their name engraved on the cardboard and the controller sold without box should not allow them to resell the consoles at the hallucinating prices that we could see and they will logically turn elsewhere. Obviously, the brand is very satisfied with its idea and thus considers having contributed to stemming the scourge in its stores.

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