PSG: Galtier is? his place, and he explains why

Appointed coach of Paris Saint-Germain against all odds, Christophe Galtier is already unanimous within the club of the capital. A promising start for the southern coach, who claims to have always wanted to take the reins of the French champion.

Galtier is already enjoying Paris.

The saying teaches us that you should never judge a book by its cover. With Christophe Galtier, it’s a bit like that. Arrived on tiptoe at Paris Saint-Germain, where Zinedine Zidane was expected, the French coach has, in just a few weeks, managed to dispel the first doubts.

Successful friendly matches, an exciting tactical disposition but also and above all a refreshing communication compared to his predecessor, Mauricio Pochettino, the main interested party is already at ease.

No hesitation for Galtier

In an interview with the daily Le Parisien, the former coach of Saint-Etienne, Lille and Nice mentioned his surprise visit. There was not a second of hesitation. I made him repeat all the same, to be sure that he was talking to me about PSG. Especially since at the start, he had just told me about a big project. It was before the last day of the championship, when I was in a decisive match to ensure that OGC Nice finished 5th or better, that I received the alert announcing Luis Campos at Paris Saint-Germain. L, I tell myself that’s the project recognized the champion of France 2021 with the Mastiffs.

Did his Marseille origins curb his desire to discover the Parc des Princes? Not at all. When the opportunity to coach PSG presented itself, neither I nor my very close family said to each other: be careful, you are from Marseille. I am a French trainer and I will give everything to go as high as possible. If there is a French coach who has always spoken well of PSG, it’s me. I have always considered him to be the locomotive of French football recalled the southern technician, who has always defended the Ile-de-France training in recent years.

C.Galtier – damn, I’m so happy to be here!

Moreover, Galtier admits it without shame: he feels he belongs in Paris. With 100% honesty, I always wanted to coach PSG. Ask about my family environment… obviously, as a player, I played a few PSG-OM, there were also good confrontations when I was assistant there. But for a Marseillais, I always had a different view of what Paris Saint-Germain was. There is no intention to seduce or to make com’ in what I am telling you. If I’ve never said it before, it’s because I’ve never been asked the question insisted the 55-year-old man.

And to respond to his detractors. It’s an incredible source of motivation. I don’t suffer it, I lean on it. I understand that may be the case. Then there are some guys – who don’t deserve the title of journalist – whom I find both rude and sometimes very disrespectful. But it doesn’t trigger resentment, it’s a source of motivation. I understand everyone’s skepticism when my name came up: I don’t have an international background, I’m from Marseilles… But damn, I’m so happy to be here! , said Galtier. It will now be on the ground that will have to be convinced.

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