PSG: the MNM crystallizes the critics!

During the defeat of Paris Saint-Germain against Manchester City (1-2) on Wednesday in the Champions League, the Parisian attacking trio did not shine. And this Thursday, Kylian Mbapp, Lionel Messi and Neymar do not escape criticism.

The attacking trio of PSG finds itself point of the finger.

Paris Saint-Germain had a lot of on the lawn of Manchester City (1-2) Wednesday in the Champions League. Jostled by the Citizens throughout the meeting, the Parisians never seemed able to compete in the game with the reigning English champion.

And when analyzing this setback, the criticisms formulated against PSG focus on one sector of play: the attacking trio of Ile-de-France.

MNM, problematic efforts?

Faced with the great mastery of the Skyblues, Mauricio Pochettino’s men defended a lot and ran after the ball. Solidarity with a low block, the Parisian defenders were not always helped by Kylian Mbapp, Lionel Messi or Neymar. One thinks in particular of the lateral Nuno Mendes and Achraf Hakimi, too often in numerical inferiority vis-a-vis the mounts of Kyle Walker or of Joao Cancelo. And despite the goal of the Habs, this trio did not shine on the offensive either. So inevitably, the MNM is found pointed out of the finger.

If you want to win the Champions League, you can’t defend with 7 players. It’s impossible, I don’t care who you are. The lateral ones are exposed, so it’s practically a 3 against 1, or 3 against 2 on the ground. The team that wins titles – and even more the Champions League – has its three attackers facing the ball. In this way, the laterals will feel more comfortable with what is happening behind them. But for the moment, they are too exposed to PSG. Teams in France can’t expose them, but Manchester City can. Pochettino is sometimes not allowed to be Pochettino with this team. How do you take Messi, Mbapp or Neymar off the pitch? So he put Di Maria in the middle, but he was exposed and didn’t help, analyzed Thierry Henry for CBS Sports.

Observers expect more

It must be said that since the arrival of Messi this summer, this association is dreaming a lot. And on paper, PSG has quite impressive offensive power. But can this trio evolve without penalizing Paris defensively in major European meetings? The problem is that these three players did not exist, for a lot of reasons. Whether it is on the investment, the circuits, the cohesion of the team, the pleasure of serving others …, regretted RMC radio consultant Jrme Rothen.

I’m really starting to be nervous about the behavior of some players, especially on the offensive side when it comes to replacing the loss of the ball, insisted Emmanuel Petit. But what annoys me above all is the disrespectful behavior of certain players towards certain partners. When we point out to them their shortcomings and their duties, some players take it badly. has become unbearable. We have seen it several times. I’m a little fed up with Pochettino protecting his players, he should get into them. There are some who have lost sight of the fact that in football we win as a team. We have seen this on several occasions, but it was screaming. I have seen scandalous behavior. Lit after this defeat, the MNM obviously has the talent to silence the critics. But you still have to find the right formula …

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