PSG: the Park, the response of the City of Paris? the release of Al-Khela?fi!

Unhappy with requests from the Paris City Hall for a possible sale of the Parc des Princes, Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelafi brandished the threat of a move on Wednesday. And this Thursday, the first deputy, Emmanuel Grgoire, responded to this pressure.

PSG: the Park, the r

What future for the Parc des Princes?

We want to find a reasonable agreement but today the council of Paris is on another planet. Paris deserves a better stadium. My first option is not to move. But the city of Paris encourages us to move.

On Wednesday, the president of Paris Saint-Germain Nasser Al-Khelafi put real pressure on the Paris City Hall, owner of the Parc des Princes, in relation to negotiations for the sale of the enclosure. But obviously, the threat of a move didn’t work…

A reverse push…

Invited on the airwaves of Sud Radio this Thursday, the first deputy of the Paris City Hall, Emmanuel Grgoire, was invited to react to this exit from the leader of PSG. In a position of strength with the current lease until 2043, the elected official sought to calm the game but by recalling the reality of the situation. First, we have good relations with PSG, the city club. It’s a historic club and it has our full support on a sporting level. It turns out that PSG have a lot of ambition for the club and therefore they want to upgrade the Parc des Princes. Two things, to renovate it because it is a bit old. It had undergone a refurbishment in the early 2010s, but needs more extensive refurbishment. And secondly, the idea is actually to increase its capacity because 45,000 is 100% occupancy each time, everyone wants to go and so it’s very nice. They hold a lease, they rent the Parc des Princes to the city of Paris, which owns it. It’s a 30-year lease. But he would like to initiate an investment phase and they say – I can understand their shareholder logic –: ‘we only inject 500 or 600 million euros of work if we are the owner’he confided, before making an update.

It is not our primary intention to sell them the Parc des Princes. It is the heritage of the city, of the Parisians. Today, there are discussions that are engaged around the sale. We told them, we, before even knowing if we want to sell, we would have to agree on a price. It is very clear that today we have not yet reached the end of these discussions. Could there be blackmail? I don’t like the word blackmail but unquestionably, in the tactics of negotiations, it can be likened to pressure. I don’t believe this is the right method. We don’t feel any pressure and I’m not sure it’s to the taste of the fan clubs… Paris Saint-Germain and the Parc des Princes are very closely linked. Could we imagine OM leaving the Vlodrome, Lens leaving Bollaert, nowarned Grégoire, clearly reversing the pressure on this file.

A sale ? Not the priority option but…

With this speech, the City of Paris shows its intention to keep the Park. However, if PSG agrees to make an XXL offer, we are talking about a check for 350 million euros, the door could possibly open. Are clubs increasingly owning stadiums? That’s right, so it’s a fact that we must integrate into a development strategy for PSG. But that’s not why it’s all there, there are also places with loud stadiums.he said.

To be more precise, it is clearly not our priority option to sell the Park. Our priority option is to stay on this model of lease, long-term rental. By definition, when we try to be reasonable and to build the future with other actors, we are not obtuse. The options are on the table, it’s clearly not our preference and they know it. But I prefer to continue discussing with Paris Saint-Germain and that we can return, in the media, rather to a concentration on sports results., finished Grgoire. The ball is therefore in the court of PSG, who might not appreciate such a statement…

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