PSG: the profiteers, Zidane… Al-Khela?fi’s very cash speech!

During an interview granted this Tuesday to the newspaper Le Parisien, the president of Paris Saint-Germain, Nasser Al-Khelafi, denied any contact with Zinedine Zidane and above all announced the beginning of a new era where players not giving 100% are invited to look elsewhere.

Nasser Al-Khelafi raises his voice!

It’s a real revolution that is preparing during this off-season at Paris Saint-Germain, at the end of a year marked by a new disappointment in Europe.

As might be expected with the arrival of sports adviser Luis Campos, who requires players to concentrate 100% on their football, President Nasser Al-Khelafi whistled at the end of recess and announced a profound revolution on Tuesday.

N. Al-Khelafi – Some took advantage of the situation, now it’s over!

The dream is one thing, the reality another. Perhaps we should also change our slogan… Dream Bigger (dream bigger) is good, but today we must above all be realistic, we no longer want flashy, bling-bling, is the end of the glitter released the Qatari in the columns of the newspaper Le Parisien. We have done great things for eleven years, but each year, we have to ask ourselves how to progress, how to be better. And clearly, this progress will require a change of mindset. Exit the players who do not give 100% or who cling to their comfortable salary despite their status as a substitute: this is the message explicitly sent by the leader!

We expect all players to do much more than last season. Much more ! They must all be 100%. Obviously, we weren’t good enough to go far. For next season, the objective is clear: work every day 200%. Give everything we have for this jersey, give the maximum and we will see the result warned the Parisian boss. We have to become humble again. You have to change to avoid injuries, suspensions and fouls that turn a game upside down. (…) The one who wants to stay in his comfort, who does not want to fight, he will stay aside. And you have to create a real team, find a real collective spirit. (…) Now, the position of PSG is clear: the players who are not part of the project will have to leave. Some took advantage of the situation, now it’s over! The undesirables like Mauro Icardi can feel screwed, the stars who do not give satisfaction like Neymar, often injured in decisive moments, perhaps too…

Al-Khelafi justifies the Galtier choice

As a symbol of this new era, it is also Christophe Galtier (Nice), with a less flashy name than Zinedine Zidane, who is about to replace Mauricio Pochettino on the Parisian bench. Besides, there was never any contact with Zidane, NAK swears: We never spoke with him, neither directly nor indirectly. Many clubs are interested in him, national teams too, but we have never discussed with him. (…) When I say ‘we’, it’s PSG. Me, I am the president of PSG and I have never discussed with him. (…) We chose another option. We chose a coach who will be the best for what we want to put in place. Only time will tell if these beautiful declarations of intentions will translate into action and if this change of direction is the right one, but one thing is certain: this summer will mark a turning point in the QSI era at PSG!

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