PSVR 2: a new game announced for the PS5 headset, the info

Game News PSVR 2: a new game announced for the PS5 headset, the info

The PSVR 2 is fast approaching: the public was able to feel the beast at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, as were the press who got their hands on the accessory during a private demonstration. A new game has just been added to the catalog of the famous virtual reality headset of the PlayStation 5, trailer in support.

Demeo on PS5, it’s official!

After long months of teasing, the PlayStation VR2 is finally beginning to materialize. During the Tokyo Game Show 2022 which took place last week, the public was able to play it through Resident Evil Village, as were the press who were also able to briefly immerse themselves in Horizon Call of the Mountain: the feedback is unanimous in saying that the experience promises to be gripping. Moreover, our preview is available below to know everything about the beast.

The opportunity for some developers to announce their future plans, like Resolution Games: this small studio is the author of Demeo, a game so far exclusively playable in virtual reality on PC via the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive or the Valve Index. It is this same title that has just been made official on the PSVR 2, delivering a trailer to watch in our video player, at the start of the article.

Make way for the board game, even in VR

Already available since May 2021 on Windows, Demeo has earned a solid reputation by obtaining a majority of “very positive” evaluations from players. It is a virtual reality board game, taking place in a fantasy world and revolving around the concept of a dungeon crawler with RPG mechanics.

Players must then team up (up to four people maximum) to fight the forces of evil: several classes exist, namely the hunter, the sorcerer, the assassin, the guardian, the bade and the bewitcher, which obviously have distinct assets. The key word is then collaboration, so as to have a homogeneous and as efficient team as possible.

In terms of gameplay, Demeo is then supported by a card system with a deck to build used to inflict damage, cast spells or heal his group. To the extent that, you unlock new cards and new skills to develop your character.

The PlayStation VR2 does not yet have a precise date except the year 2023, we simply know that the game will be released that same year, perhaps at the very launch of the accessory. No price is given either, but for comparison, the software is sold for 24.99 euros on Steam. We should be able to get by without breaking the bank too much.

PSVR 2: a new game announced for the PS5 headset, the info PSVR 2: a new game announced for the PS5 headset, the info

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