PUBG Mobile receives update 2.0 with Livik map and partnership with Evangelion

PUBG Mobile has officially released its new 2.0 update, packed with new additions to maps, as well as new content from the acclaimed Evangelion anime and more.

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Starting this Wednesday (11), Livik receives an explosive overhaul with an updated environmental redesign in its urban areas to showcase new combat strategies. A new vehicle – the agile Utility Task Vehicle (UTV), a four-seat utility vehicle – has also been added to Livik and Aftermath, allowing players to move quickly around the map.

At the start of the match, a resource-rich golden area will appear in a random urban zone, allowing players to grab as many supplies as they can. A great collection of mini-games and items such as Random Boxes that can be tracked with the Treasure Map, the Blomster Football Challenge, and a quick means of escape with the map’s new zipline.

Airdrops come once per match in a designated area, while Recall Towers are scattered across Livik for players to revive their lost teammates. Underneath it all is the Livik volcano, which could erupt at any time – hide from its wrath by dodging its blasts and taking shelter in buildings.

What’s New in the Monthly Royale Pass

On May 19, a new season begins in PUBG Mobile! A new batch of legendary rewards is available for Season 6 of Cycle 2, including themed goggles, parachute, mask, and more. The tier system has also been tweaked, with more sub-tiers added to Gold, Bronze, and Silver tiers.

With the new Monthly Royale Pass themes – Hidden Hunters for month 11 – players can climb up to rank 50 to choose between two rewards. They can also track the progress of their pass missions in matches via the minimap and, with the Favorites Box, select their preferred reward from any past season. A free Royale Pass Voucher will be available for next month’s Royale Pass – Toy World themed – as well as the chance to participate in the server-wide Golden Chicken event and bonus Royale Pass Point event.

other news

Other new additions to the in-game store include Crystal Power Squad mythical outfits, including the Interstellar Chimera, Floret Fairy, Sacred Eminence, and Styx Sovereign sets, as well as a new character, Emilia the Materials Scientist, who can provide players with new gear.

In addition, we also have the new Companion Finishings, obtainable through Lucky Spin, from May 17th to 24th. Companions can accompany players throughout the game, flying around Spawn Island, alongside the plane during the jumping phase, and also to welcome players back to the lobby afterwards.

Several other improvements have been made to PUBG MOBILE, including visual improvements, UI updates, and more. Security, in particular, has doubled, with the intuitive new Eagle System and Foggy War Anti-Cheat System included to further combat cheaters.

PUBG MOBILE Update 2.0 is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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