[Publireportage] Toys for dogs: stimulate your pet with intelligence games!

More than a toy, the smart dog toy is a must-have for any dog ​​owner. Playful and interactive, it contributes to the development of your animal while offering him moments of pleasure. From puzzle games, to educational games and strategy games, the choice is immense. Discover many models of dog toys on the Zooplus pet store and choose the ones that best suit your 4-legged friend. Note that with a Zooplus promo code, you can save money and order your dog toys at discount prices!

Offering an intelligence toy to your dog: why is it important?

Intelligence games are occupation games that promote the physical and mental development of dogs. They also help to improve their mental alertness. The range of educational games for dogs includes several categories: puzzles, kong toys, food dispenser toys, treat balls, play mats, activity boards, etc.

Far from being a futile accessory, the dog stimulation toy has many educational virtues:

● It sharpens your pet’s senses;

● It encourages him to find solutions to the problems posed by the game;

● It helps develop a relationship of trust between you and your dog;

● It prevents behavioral problems such as lonely barking, aggressiveness or the tendency to destroy objects in the house;

● It’s a source of intrigue, fun and pleasure for your pet!

4 Zooplus games to develop your dog’s intelligence

Here is our small selection of 4 Zooplus interactive games for dogs that you can order at a reduced price on the online pet store:

Zooplus Kong Bounzer Dog Toy

Invented in the 1970s, kong toys are timeless classics. They are made of rubber and come in several variations: balls, chew toys, frisbees, etc.

the Kong Bounzer toy satisfies your dog’s natural needs to play, chew, gnaw and chew! Beyond its fun aspect, it helps develop your 4-legged friend’s motor skills and concentration!

Penny Flamingo intelligence and thinking toy

Designed specifically to stimulate the intelligence of dogs, the Penny Flamingo thinking toy consists of two sides including several compartments in which you can put treats or kibble. Your pet will have to manipulate small parts to access the hidden compartments and get their reward. The icing on the cake, you can get a zooplus discount on this product if it is your first purchase on the online store!

The Chuckit dog ball launcher! Sport

Did you know that the ball thrower is one of interactive dog games the most popular? In addition to being simple and easy to use, it helps you to strengthen the interaction with your dog. the chuckit ball launcher! Sport is the ideal game to stimulate your pet both physically and mentally. It is also very practical for the elderly or people with reduced mobility since it allows you to play with your dog without getting tired.

The intelligence game for dogs Trixie Dog

the Trixie Dog game comes in the form of a candy vending machine. Thanks to its original design, it stimulates your dog and offers him a pleasant playing experience. The operation of this interactive dog toy is very simple. Your pet needs to understand how to press the button on the remote to drop the treats. The most fun with this game is that it is possible to place the remote control in another room in order to stimulate your dog’s intelligence.

Zooplus promotion: significant reductions with a promo code

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