[Publireportage] What are the advantages of subscribing to a mobile plan + Box SFR?

Why choose a combined box + mobile plan?

As its name suggests, a combined box + mobile package is a subscription that combines an internet box offer and a telephone package. Depending on the formula chosen, it is possible to combine a cheap internet box with several mobile plans.

If you subscribe to a box + mobile offer, you benefit from an additional reduction on your subscription and you save money. In addition, you benefit from a preferential price on the mobile plans offered by your operator. In addition, the steps to subscribe to a telephone subscription with internet box are generally simpler.

The essential advantages of SFR box + mobile offers

By choosing an SFR box + mobile package, you benefit from all internet, TV, mobile telephony and fixed telephony services with a single subscription. In addition to saving up to €15/month, you benefit from a wide choice of combinations of internet offers and mobile offers:

● SFR Fiber Starter, Fiber Power or Fiber Premium;

● Mobile plan (with or without phone) 100 MB, 5 GB, 80 GB, 140 GB, 220 GB or unlimited.

You can therefore combine the best mobile plan and the best internet box while saving money. Of course, subscribing to an SFR phone plan + box also makes it easier to subscribe and manage bills.

In addition, thanks to the SFR Family offer intended for families, it is possible to save up to €60/month and take advantage of up to 3 mobile plans (2 hours 100 MB) free of charge.

Guaranteed savings with an SFR discount coupon

Whether you want to subscribe to a cheap mobile plan, an SFR internet offer or an SFR mobile plan + box subscription, you can save a few extra euros by using a discount code. Go now to our SFR promo code page to discover all the good deals of the moment and valid coupons on SFR offers.

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