Publishers Fair: the independent publishing party kicked off

The fed is already a classic of the independent / web publishing industry

Once again, the Editors’ Fair (FED) shows since yesterday the pulse of the independent edition in its 11th edition. edition for an eminently reading scene and with an industry that is always in motion that today and tomorrow will continue together with 280 labels and extraordinary writers such as the Mexican Margo Glantz, the American Peter Orner, the Slovenian philosopher Renata Salecl or the Brazilian Amara Moira, to propose what which is already a classic: the meeting between authors, editors and readers.

New space, more editorials, face-to-face and digital activities. This is how the FED presents the activity that it will hold for three days from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Víctor Malumián-, because their reunion leads to new complicities and projects”.

The summoned seals speak of federality and transcend the local map: 50 of the 280 are not from Buenos Aires and 40 of the remaining 230 are from abroad.

“The space gained by the FED in the regional calendar of cultural activities is due to the joint work of publishers and goes beyond this fair – Malimian pointed out -, it can be seen in new distributors that are the union of small labels, in awards groups or activities where they come together to empower each other”.

“It is not at all easy to become an obligatory appointment within the large cultural agenda of Buenos Aires”, adds Alejandro Dujovne, specialist in public policies of the book and “supplier” of the figures and surveys that allow measuring how the meeting has expanded since its first edition. . “Since the days of the first meetings on La Tribu radio until today, the FED has not stopped adding proposals every year, nor evaluating and rethinking its operation. That has allowed it to be up to the task, and at the same time dynamize the publishing world that it seeks to host, ”he said.

The FED, which began in 2013 with 15 stamps gathered in a radio station in Almagro to show their catalogs and dialogue with their readers, summoned 16,000 visitors in 2021, the year of the face-to-face post-pandemic isolation return, and this 2022 triples its space by moving to Buenos Aires C Art Media Complex (Corrientes 6,271, in the Chacarita neighborhood) with free admission.

The FED’s preferred audience, indicates Dujovne, is made up of “intense readers in the sense of the number of books they read per year and the knowledge they have of authors, titles and publishers, a universe of readers that is cut of the most widespread visitor of other fairs and of society in general”, although “the fair attracts many different audiences with interest and different reading practices”.

Pez Menta, for example, a label from Mendoza that publishes picture books and illustrated books that offer new perspectives for readers of all ages, arrives at the FED for the first time, and it does so as part of the labels selected within the unprecedented +300 KM program promoted together with the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, which covers travel, stand and hotel expenses for publishers who are more than 300 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires.

“We seek to decentralize the publishing market with books produced in Mendoza for the world based on readings that function as a space of freedom and bridges of conversation. For an independent publisher, conditions are always difficult, added to the fact that it is very difficult to achieve visibility from the provinces, the FED becomes a great opportunity to show ourselves and learn what others are doing”, explained María Luz Malamud, one of its creators.

There will be the already classic mini FED, the space dedicated to children with recreational activities that will be added to the titles exhibited; and a new Award will be given to the bookseller’s work: 350,000 pesos to buy books within the fair, including 50% in the adhered stands.

“The FED is a fair designed from the logistics for small and medium-sized publishers from the space to their activities, where only authors who publish in the participating labels participate. The main challenge lies in the expansion of this exhibition space and in maintaining the prize for the bookseller’s work and the quality of the guests”, explained Malumián.

The Canadian specialist in urban planning and gender Leslie Kern is one of the foreign presences that will star in some of the face-to-face talks, with capacity for one hundred people.

Among the local proposals are the dialogue that great writers such as María Negroni, Betina González and Eugenia Almeida will maintain on the essay as a literary construction; or the talk that two other renowned authors, Paula Puebla and Luis Guzmán, will have about wish come true and writing. Part of the proposals brought by publishers such as Gog y Magog, Ampersand, 17 Grises and Ediciones Documenta Escénicas.

The list of participants is extensive: The Silver Bowl, Black Box, Godot Editions, Sigilo, Entropía, Gourmet Musical, Blatt & Ríos, Corregidor, Marea, Años Luz, Siglo XXI, Mardulce and Conejos, are just a few.

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