Pubs require a “visa”

If you are Russian and want to enter Dedaena Bar in Tblisi, Georgia, you need to fill out “a visa application”.

– It’s because we don’t want all Russians welcome, says bartender Beka Talakhadze to TV 2.

“We stand for equality and unity, but we have to make sure that brainwashed Russian imperialists do not end up in our bar,” the bar explains at the beginning of the application form.

Read the entire visa application here:

There, Russians must, among other things, tick off the fact that they did not vote for Vladimir Putin, that he is a dictator and that Crimea belongs to Ukraine.

– That’s right, says Talakhadze.

Can sneak in

The bar, like most bars, has WiFi available for guests. The network is called “russianoccupant” and the password is “honourable Ukraine”.

– Some people react strongly when they see the visa, Talakhadze acknowledges.

Among other things, it has come to light on the internet, where the bar has suddenly received many negative reviews. Now, however, the bar has received so much attention that people who are positive about the initiative support it five stars.

– We also have some Russian guests who are against the regime, who are friends, adds Talakhadze.

Dedaena Bar points out at the bottom of the “visa application” that it has been introduced because “some bad Russians” caused trouble in the bar.

The bartender says that it is not very strict at the door either.

– If they say they are not Russian, they can sneak in. We are not very strict. But then they know with themselves that they have said they are not Russian, laughs Talakhadze.

Storm in Norway

In Norway, there was a big uproar when the Viking hotel in Tromsø stated that they did not want Russian guests.

– We cannot prevent it or deny it, but we try to avoid it. We feel it is our way of saying that it is not okay, what is happening (in Ukraine, editor’s note), hotel owner Idar Gabrielsen told TV 2 in March.

The hotel was reported, but the police concluded that this was not punishable.

At the same time, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre has an interview with VG made it clear that Russians living here must be looked after in the same way as the rest of the population.

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