Puerto Iguazú: the disappearance of Érica Antúnez de Lara with a yellow alert from Interpol

Thursday, May 12, 2022 | 1:49 p.m.

The search for Érica Beatriz Antúnez de Lara (28), who disappeared in Puerto Iguazú last Friday, April 8, gained worldwide interest when she was added to the list of Yellow Notices from the International Police (Interpol).

The official information indicates that on April 11, the woman’s mother, Marta Teresa Antúnez de Olivera, reported to a Police Station in the city of Las Cataratas that around 6:00 p.m. on the 8th, her daughter left the home located in the neighborhood Santa Rita, losing all contact and admitted at that point that he does not know his whereabouts.

The search was immediately activated, first in the locality and a few days later it was replicated throughout the province, with no indications leading to its discovery so far.

She did not communicate with her relatives either, so the concern grows, even more so considering the triple border area in which she disappeared. At one point there were suspicions that she could be in Brazil but nothing was confirmed.

In this context, Interpol issued a global alert by entering Erica’s data on the list of yellow notifications, published in its official website along with two updated photos of the missing person.

As relevant data, the agency details that the woman has a heart-shaped tattoo on her left arm, is 1.70 meters tall, has blonde hair and brown eyes.

“If you have any information, contact your national or local police,” Interpol states at the bottom of the publication. In Misiones, the free 911 or 101 emergency lines are always active.

About yellow notices

On its official website Interpol explains that “a yellow notice is a worldwide police alert on a missing person. It is published to locate victims of abduction by one of the parents, retentions (kidnappings) or unexplained disappearances.”

“The yellow notice can also be used to help discover the identity of a person unable to identify himself,” he details, adding that “these notices are a valuable tool for law enforcement because they can increase the chances of locating to a missing person, especially if there is a possibility that he or she will travel abroad voluntarily or involuntarily.

It is also mentioned that as positive points, the yellow alert “gives the cases high visibility at the international level, the identity of these kidnapped/disappeared persons is made known to border officials and countries can request and exchange essential information relating to the investigation”.

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