Puerto Rico records a record year in tourism



San Juan, Sep 27 (EFE News) .- The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (CTPR) announced this Monday that the year 2021 was a record year for tourism on the island, registering the highest figures in tax collections from rooms for rent.

The CTPR, the state body that regulates and governs this sector on the island, said in a statement that the figures were the “highest recorded in collections for room tax (” room tax “) during the first eight months of the calendar year, with six of these registering the highest numbers since 2008 ″.

According to the agency, the month of July reflects the one with the greatest impact on room tax collections with the “unprecedented” figure of $ 11,155,042 compared to 7,059,467 in July 2017, which had been the highest.

It is followed by the month of June, which in 2014 reflected 6,567,228, also significantly surpassing it with a total of 10,341,325.

During the current year there has been a “robust increase in tax collection in new inns of various modalities, with short-term rentals as the fastest growing,” he added.

In total, there are currently 4,306 lodgings registered in the tax collection division of the CTPR, which reflects an increase of 24 percent from the 3,471 registered in 2020.

“At the Puerto Rico Tourism Company we are extremely pleased and grateful for the boom and growth that our industry has had this year 2021, after such a difficult time that has been experienced throughout the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 19 ”, expressed the executive director of the CTPR, Carlos Mercado.

This even, added Mercado, reaching “historical levels in the collections of lodgings and the establishment of new tourist companies.”

For this reason, he said, “it can be said that we have experienced one of the most fruitful stages in the history of tourism in Puerto Rico, since we have had the active inclusion of talent, effort and collaboration from different segments that contribute to the sector” .

Among them are agribusinesses, tour operators, restaurant managers and waiters, porters, flight attendants, cruise lines, carriers, among many others; as well as local and international tourists “who visit us and who make up the universe that moves the tourism industry. All of this results in economic development for Puerto Rico, ”he remarked.

“It is worth highlighting the interest that Puerto Rican businessmen have shown in betting on the tourism industry to develop their businesses. This is a factor that enriches the market and the experience we offer to the visitor, which helps us to add more diversity and strength to the positioning of Puerto Rico as a world-class tourist destination, ”stated Mercado.

As part of the initiatives that the CTPR carries out within the framework of the celebration of World Tourism Day 2021, the government entity published the message “Thank you Puerto Rico, 2021: A Record Year for Tourism” on its social networks and on digital billboards around the entire island.

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