Puerto San Martín celebrated Grandparents’ Day with a festive day

Organized by the Municipality of Puerto General San Martín, through the Ministry of Education and Culture and the teachers of the Child Development Centers, the city experienced an emotional festive day on Friday, July 29. It was to honor grandparents in their day, with a colorful event held last Friday in the Plaza Seca of the “Batalla Punta Quebracho” Municipal Cultural Center. Moments of dance, music, games were shared that filled the hearts of grandparents and their grandchildren with joy.

The traditional meeting of the city summoned grandparents from other localities who were amazed by the quality of the CCM and the River Museum that is located there. In addition to the presence of all the families that belong to the world of CDs, the “grandparent teachers” from the centers were invited to join in to enjoy the meeting.

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Meanwhile, the Municipal Mayor, Carlos De Grandis, shared the day with the President of the Municipal Council, Juan Manuel De Grandis, and the councilors Maximiliano De Grandis and Walter García, the Distinguished Citizens Elsa Patterer and Abel Palena, as well as the team of municipal government was present so that the afternoon would be unforgettable full of smiles.

In the middle of the dance, the traditional little train to which everyone joined, wearing party favors, was not lacking. It was in an atmosphere of joy and fun, which allowed the afternoon to be accompanied with mates and a snack prepared to receive the families.

“Although it is a wish that I have but that does not depend on my being a grandfather, today the children made me feel like another grandfather. They showed me their love and affection, as well as that of their parents. We shared a beautiful moment with the grandparents, who they enjoy it in a special way”, said De Grandis, who was encouraged to dance with everyone to the rhythm of the music.

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The Mayor emphasized with emphasis the tireless and dedicated work of all the teachers of the CDI. So that not only the day would turn out as planned but with the affection and love with which they print their task. “The work that our teachers do is enviable. How they lend themselves to the task and how they work to make this day special for everyone, especially so that the children feel better. They are municipal nurseries that fill your heart in each activity they carry out “, he claimed.

For his part, the Secretary of Education and Culture, Sebastián Lezcano, explained that “it is a traditional party of the CDI, which could not be done due to the pandemic, and this year we celebrated this activity again including dances, dramatizations, and the presence of older adults, re-appropriating public spaces with activities that unite the community”. “Very happy to be able to share this moment with loved ones,” he added.

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