Punta Hermosa: Municipality ordered the evacuation of residents due to the risk of landslides

Punta Hermosa: Municipality ordered the evacuation of residents due to the risk of landslides

Municipality of the Punta Hermosa spa alerted neighbors to take care of themselves due to possible mudslides.

tonight the Punta Hermosa Municipality issued a statement asking the inhabitants of the so-called central beach and north beach of the district to move towards the upper areas of the district in order not to be exposed to what would be the third landslide to take place in said place during the course of this week.

The edile commune, through its social networks, asked the residents of the district evacuate to high areas and avoid approaching the riverbed due to the report of a possible landslide that would affect the Lima spa after the rupture of a natural deposit of water in Huarochiri.

“A large-scale landslide has been reported that will hit our district to a great extent. A call is made to the inhabitants of Punta Hermosa, mainly the residents of Playa Norte and Playa Central to emergency evacuate”, the statement read.

Statement from the Municipality of Punta Hermosa - Source: Facebook
Statement from the Municipality of Punta Hermosa – Source: Facebook

For his part, he National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) reported that the probable emergency in beautiful point due to the rupture of a natural water reservoir. “The population is evacuated by the municipality to safe areas before possible impact. It is recommended to follow the indications of the competent authorities and obtain information through official channels,” the agency said.

Meanwhile, the Congressman of the Republic Flor Pablo reported that there is a space set up in the 6030 school in the area to evacuate people who are at risk from this natural disaster. “Notify all the families that you can in Punta Hermosa,” she added.

COEN alert
COEN alert

So far, the residents who live at a lower elevation near the beach are being relocated to safe zones. However, families with their children are dismayed, since they do not have more information about the Executive and the Municipality that they have only made a call for the calm of the population and to be safe before the passage of the huaico.

Given this possible risk, Marco Cerní, Deputy Manager of Civil Defense of Punta Hermosaalerted about the breakage of a dam of the Pampa Pacta streamcalled the ‘Eye of the Devil’, located in the Santo Domingo de los Olleros district (Huarochirí province).

“More than half an hour ago, contact was made with one of the farms that is located in the path of this waterfall, which is a hill where it collides and the flow has practically divided it into water to beautiful point and water for the Cruz de Hueso stream, which goes to Punta Negra,” the official told RPP.

Also, the civil defense representative He commented that the bulk of the water from this stream is going to Punta Negra. “For us it does not come as much, but we do not know how much the volume is, so as a precautionary measure, we are taking the evacuation of the lower part and we are waiting for it to reach another populated area to find out how much the volume is,” he added. .

He National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (Senamhi) reported that the huaicos occurred during the last days in the broken of the department of Lima have altered its channel, for which it asks the population and authorities to be alert.

The entity, through a statement, indicated that the soils are saturated due to the occurrence of heavy rains, which favors rapid runoff. Consequently, for this Saturday the new activation of streams would take place, mainly in the Rímac river basin, such as those located in Santa Eulalia and Chosica.

Indeed, after heavy rains in Chosica they were activated this afternoon Huaicos in Pedegral, Rayo de Sol, Inka Kola and Santa Eulalia. Likewise, Senamhi maintained that the reactivation of the ravine in Punta Hermosa is likely for this Sunday the 19th.

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