Purchasing power: agreement reached between deputies and senators on the second part of measures

After several days of intense debate, the amending finance bill for 2022 should be definitively adopted by Parliament on Thursday.

Deputies and senators who are members of the Joint Joint Committee (CMP) have reached an agreement on the amending finance bill for 2022, the National Assembly announced on Wednesday evening. Voted at first reading by the deputies after intense debates on the night of July 27, the text should be definitively adopted this Thursday.

This bill follows the text “on emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power”, which was definitively adopted this Wednesday by Parliament.

Monetization of RTTs until 2025

Very quickly after the announcement of a conclusive joint joint commission, several left-wing elected officials denounced an “alliance” between LREM and LR. “Macronie and LR agree #TraduisonsLes”, tweeted the rebellious Clémentine Autain.

According to our colleagues from The Parliamentary Channelthe deputies and senators who are members of the CMP “agreed on maintaining the monetization of RTTs” until the end of 2025, a measure that the right wanted to see without a time limit, and which caused the left to jump.

On Twitter, Jean-René Cazeneuve, Renaissance deputy and rapporteur for the CMP, “was delighted with the compromise found which satisfies the Assembly as well as the Senate.” The parliamentarian lists the many points of the text, which will be voted on definitively tomorrow afternoon in both chambers.

“Extension of the tariff shield on gas & electricity, revaluation of all social benefits, abolition of the contribution to public broadcasting (…) This text carries measures that respond to the urgency of the situation “, he believes.

Finally, the joint joint committee returned to the vote of the Senate concerning “the back-to-school bonus.” At the initiative of the right, the senators had in fact replaced this exceptional bonus of 100 euros, reserved for social minima, by an increase of 150 euros for beneficiaries of the activity bonus.

“Finally, the aid will be preserved because they realized the absurdity. The amendment of shame fell by a compromise”, welcomed the socialist senator Rémi Cardon.

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