Purchasing power: gift certificates revised upwards


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The gift certificates distributed by the works councils will perhaps be more generous this year. The tax exemption ceiling has been revised upwards, as explained on the 19/20 set by journalist Anne-Claire Le TRUE.

This is good news for the 7.7 million employees who benefit from it in France. The ceiling of Gift Certificates will go from 171 euros to 250 euros, or “79 euros more”, indicates Anne-Claire Le TRUE. These vouchers can be used in various businesses to buy sporting goods, jewelry or toys in particular. “Each company is free to set the amount of the check. The interest for it is that it is exempt from social charges, up to 250 euros “, highlighted the journalist.

The government had used the same measure last year and had even gone further since the amount had then amounted to 341 euros. The objective was to support trade in the midst of a crisis Covid. In total, gift certificates represent 1.2 billion euros each year. But for Bercy, this must remain a one-off aid. “The Ministry of the Economy recalls that it must not replace negotiations on wages in companies”, concludes Anne-Claire Le TRUE.

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