Purge in Morena affirms succession control

All the heroes of Morena were informed by the head of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, that there will be a new deck in the Official Party in the coming weeks, only Mario Delgado and Citlalli Hernández will remain, “by instruction of YSQ.”

The generalized purge conjures up the possibility that some candidate for the presidential candidacy will form groups, without having the express authorization of President López Obrador.

“There is no covertism” is confirmed, but neither is the succession process subject to the fickle popular will. In a few weeks, the Morenista purge will secure total and absolute control of the succession for the President.

Great investment of the EU IP clean energy

The Government of Mexico concluded its negotiation with 17 US companies that will invest in the energy sector and commit 30 billion dollars in the generation of wind and solar energy, proof of goodwill towards foreign investment.

Presumably, in the talks managed by Ambassador Ken Salazar, US companies saw the opportunity to make a profit, even though they accepted the conditions and rules of the Mexican government.

Thus, without much noise and with patience worthy of Job, US diplomacy manages to get its private capital to replace the Spanish and French in the generation of clean energy. It is not a minor achievement.

Public education is a harmless bullet

Education, some say, is the silver bullet against inequality and poverty, which makes it a complex paradox that the project of the López Obrador regime in education seems more like an occurrence than with clear objectives.

The concept of “the school is ours”, unlike other campaigns in public education, seems willing to decline the political and administrative responsibilities of the State in the hands of parents and teachers.

Paradoxical that a political project whose explicit purpose is to strengthen the State, in public education, privileges a crooked concept of austerity that turns the silver bullet that would be public education into a pathetic bullet.


What is forgetfulness? Historically, for more than 40 years, the CFE has always restored the power supply within a few hours in the event of a disaster. Or in two or three days when the disaster is greater… The actions of the Head of Government of CDMX Claudia Sheinbaum to cut the budget of the capital’s electoral body opens a gap for the rest of the morenista governors to do the same with their electoral bodies state. Thus, National Palace calculates, the Republic will reach the presidential election with an electoral structure more dependent on the regime than on the citizens… of his words.” The phrase is the one that sentences that “legislators must respond to the interests of their voters, not those of their parties”… Don Santiago Carrillo left us this reflection: “in politics there is no regret. You are right or you are wrong, but you don’t regret it “…

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