Push your luck and win the US$ 312 million Mega Millions lottery!

To play with official tickets from Argentina, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the lottery page Mega Millions.

2. Choose five main numbers (from 1 to 70) and one additional number (from 1 to 25).

3. Open a FREE account at TheLotter.

4. Confirm your purchase!

Push your luck and win the US$ 312 million Mega Millions lottery!

You can save your lucky numbers to your account or choose different numbers each time you play. If you want your numbers to be generated automatically, you can click the Random button.

Once the purchase is confirmed at the bottom of the screen, the local United States office will purchase the official Mega Millions ticket on your behalf and send a scanned copy to your account as part of the “See Your Ticket” service. In addition, when you win you will be notified by email or SMS and you will enjoy your prizes in full, 100% without commissions.

About Mega Millions

The megamillions has a cumulative record of 1.53 billion dollars won in 2018 by a single player. Most recently, in January 2021, the Mega Millions lottery gave out a $1.05 billion jackpot. This incredible jackpot is the second largest Mega Millions jackpot and the third largest jackpot in lottery history.

About TheLotter

TheLotter is a regulated company in the European Union and has been leading the online lottery industry since 2002, thanks to an impeccable reputation and professional customer service available 24/7. The more than 110 million dollars paid to more than 7 million winners from all over the world do nothing but guarantee the extensive and honorable trajectory of the company.

If an Argentinian wins a jackpot, TheLotter will help them claim the prize personally. If he wins a secondary prize, all the money will be transferred directly and automatically to his personal account.

Push your luck and win the US$ 312 million Mega Millions lottery!

Winning US$ 312 million is possible

What if you were the next winner of TheLotter? You wouldn’t be the first Latino to win a grand prize, but you would be the first to win a 9+ figure prize! It is that Latinos stand out especially for having claimed incredible prizes ranging from 50 thousand dollars, to 30 million dollars!

With a fabulous jackpot of US$312 million, the megamillions It is one of the great favorites of Argentines. Buy your official tickets today as if you were in the United States, but without leaving your home!

Good luck and don’t forget to play responsibly!

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