Putin claims the West is threatening nuclear weapons: – Not a hoax

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President Vladimir Putin was originally supposed to give a speech on Tuesday, but this was instead postponed until Wednesday morning.

In the speech, the Russian president makes strong accusations and threats against the West, and at the same time he also warns of partial mobilization in Ukraine.

In the speech, he begins by saying that he has signed a decree which ensures that they can start a “partial military mobilisation” in Ukraine. The mobilization starts on Wednesday, he says.

Putin says Russia’s plan is to defend its territories and liberate the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine.

– Most people who live in these historic areas do not want to be under the Nazis, says Putin.

300,000 are called up

Shortly after Putin’s speech, Russia’s defense minister also gives a televised speech.

– We are fighting the West in Ukraine, says Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

– We see attacks from Western weapons against civilians, he continues.

He also claims the West is sitting in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and directing the operation against Russia.

He says that Russia has lost almost 6,000 people in the war.

– We have enormous resources, 25 million people, says the Minister of Defence.

The partial mobilization affects 1 per cent of the 25 million people, says the Minister of Defence.

He also says that 300,000 reserves are being called up to take part in the war. Those with military experience will be contacted. Those who are contacted are offered training.

– Not a hoax

According to the Russian president, the West is making nuclear threats and points out that they can respond.

– We have a lot of weapons to respond with. It is not a hoax, he says.

– We will use all the resources we have to defend our people, says Putin.

In the speech, he also claims that the West wants to “destroy our country”. He further claims that the West is trying to use the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder.

– The West has gone beyond all limits in its aggression against Russia, he says.

In the speech, he goes on to attack the West. He claims that they do not want peace between Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine: – Not going according to plan

An adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyj, Mykhailo Podolyak, tells Reuters that Putin’s statement is rhetoric.

– Putin’s announcement of mobilization is as expected. It shows that his war is not going according to plan, says Podolyak.

– The second thing he says is rhetoric and intended to shift the blame for the war and Russia’s deteriorating economy towards the West, the adviser continues.

British Foreign Secretary Gillian Keegan tells Sky News that Putin’s threats must be taken seriously.

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