Pyongyang is launching a "suspected ballistic missile" at the time of a UN Security Council meeting on North Korea

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida confirmed that “an object which could be a ballistic missile” was launched by North Korea.

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North Korea has launched a “suspected ballistic missile” towards the sea, the South Korean army announced Tuesday, January 11, less than a week after Pyongyang claimed to have tested a hypersonic missile. The projectile was fired at the sea east of the Korean peninsula shortly after 7 a.m., the Joint Chiefs of Staff said. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has confirmed that“an object that could be a ballistic missile” was started by North Korea.

Hours before the shooting, six countries (including the United States and Japan) had urged North Korea to cease its “destabilizing actions” ahead of a closed meeting of the United Nations Security Council. The projectile was fired as the latter was meeting to discuss the previous week’s test of what Pyongyang described as a hypersonic missile. France, UK, Ireland and Albania have joined the call “to refrain from any further destabilizing action (…) and to engage in constructive dialogue towards our common goal of complete denuclearization”.

According to experts, Pyongyang may have intentionally coincided its shooting with the UN meeting. “The launch has political and military motivationsShin Beom-chul, a researcher at the Korea National Strategy Research Institute, told AFP. North Korea continues to try to diversify its nuclear arsenal, but planned the firing on the day of the UN Security Council meeting to maximize its political impact. “

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