Qatar 2022: Do not neglect your vision if you keep watching the World Cup from early hours

the world party Qatar 2022, continues to bring together millions of soccer fans to see their favorite players. And, despite the fact that Peru is not one of the classifieds, Peruvians do not miss a single game from early hours at home, through televisions, cell phones, tablets and computers. However, spending too much time in front of these screens can bring some complications visuals.

Carlos Siverio Llosa, a specialist at the Ophthalmic Vision Clinic, affirms that for the eye stay wet, it is necessary to blink 15 times per minute. However, when people are in front of an electronic screen, their concentration is so high that they can only blink six times.

“This will cause the tears to evaporate, causing dryness on the surface ocular. All this brings as a consequence visual fatigue, having as symptoms the Red eye, irritation Y burning. You could even see the images a little out of focus ”, he explains.

For Llosa, there are some recommendations that must be followed. First, make sure that the screen is in a suitable place. The TV or computer should not reflect light from another screen or from a window. “These lights bother the viewer’s gaze, causing a greater visual effort,” he points out.

Sleep well

The eyesLike other organs, they need rest to recover. This is done during sleep. “If you don’t sleep and the ocular surface doesn’t rest, your eye becomes irritated and causes discomfort. For this reason, it is important not to overdo it”, warns the expert. Also, if he suffers from myopia, he wears his glasses when watching the games on television.

On the other hand, if you have presbyopia you should take extra care. “Patients over 40 years of age usually have presbyopia, which is why they use multifocal lenses, which are used to see far and near. But, if they want to watch television lying on their bed, the glasses will cause them to see the image out of focus, causing eyestrain ”, she indicates.

Remember that the closer the television is to our eyes, the more eyestrain it will produce. This is because, to focus up close, the eye muscles make an effort.


The doctor advises that if the patient persists with constant discomfort from eyestrainYou should go to specialists, because you may suffer consequences if you use drops without prescriptions.

Likewise, it can also cause lagophthalmia or incomplete closure of the eyelids when sleeping or blinking, due to having the Dry Eye Serious for not blinking because he stays focused on the World Cup.



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