Qatar 2022: Five apps to make an easy pool and enjoy the World Cup with family and friends

The Qatar World Cup 2022 It is underway and there is only one day left to complete the first date of the group stage. However, there are still many games ahead and enough material to play with friends and predict with the famous pools.

This is a custom that has been going on for more than 30 years where it was done with a written sheet; 15 years ago there were people who did it with Excel boxes and now an app does all the work for you.

So, we took a brief walk through the Android Google Play Store with the intention of finding the applications in which you can make pools easier. The idea is to simplify the job of searching for the match or championships.

The purpose is that the information is as accessible as possible so that Internet users only have to enter their predictions for each match and, depending on what they think, try to guess who will be the champion of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Best apps for World Cup pools

  1. World Pro Pool Qatar: In this app you can create your own pool for the World Cup or any other championship. Currently, information on Qatar 2022 and Liga MX is available.
  2. Prode Lottery Qatar: The Prode app has the particularity that you go game by game with each result. You can make different groups that, if you want, are divided between friends, university, work or family.
  3. Lottery Master – Qatar 2022: The application in question does not allow you to post specific results. It is limited to predicting draws, losses or wins. But it is very practical since it scores as the competition progresses.
  4. fotmob: In the FotMob software you predict the location of the teams in their different groups and you go forward until you determine a champion. In the end, whoever has guessed the most places wins.

In the name of each of the apps is the direct link. Take a look and if you like any download it. All are within the Play Store, verified with Play Protect,

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