Qatar 2022: Little optimism and much criticism of the Mexican National Team

An aura of pessimism is perceived among Mexicans prior to the Mexico vs. Poland match. The technical director, Gerardo Martino, has been intensely criticized by the national pamboleros due to the bad step of the team that has come at least in its performance during the last year and a half.

Mexico is obsessed with reaching the quarterfinals at a World Cup for the first time since hosting it in 1970 and 1986. The last time a Mexican team made it to the group stage was Argentina 1978.

However, as of this Tuesday when the Mexicans make their debut in the Qatar 2022 World Cup against Poland, in their first match of the group stage, if the outcome is favorable for El Tri, it will cause fans to believe that those selected from “Tata They will be the ones to break Mexico’s streak.

Questioned if they will see the World Cup matches, what they think about the current Mexican National Team and which team they see crowned world champion, the people from Cancun comment:

Qatar 2022: Little optimism and much criticism of the Mexican National Team

Qatar 2022: Little optimism and much criticism of the Mexican National Team.

“If I am going to watch the World Cup, the matches that can be clear. I see it as difficult for Mexico to play a good role, I see it as difficult, the truth is how the team is playing with this coach, we will surely come out in the first round. I would like to see an Argentina vs Portugal in the final for the last meeting between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo”. Fernando, 54 years old.

“I missed the opening but I hope to see all the games in Mexico because we have to work. With the current Mexican team there is very little hope of advancing, but we have faith in reaching the quarterfinals. My faith is in advancing beyond the round of 16, but the reality is different. Brazil and Argentina are my favorites to win the cup”. Miguel Angel, 35 years old.

“We are going to watch the games secretly at work but if we are going to see them, we are going to see them. The team is not as strong as in other years, although hope is never lost that they will give everything on the field, but that will be seen in this first game against Poland. I bet on Germany as the winner in this World Cup but anyone can surprise us”. Raul, 29 years old.

“Of course I am going to see my team, we are already on the lookout. Mexico comes very low in category but we are going to wait anyway, we have to continue supporting as fans. I highly doubt we’ll make it to the quarterfinals or get past the first round. The world champion may be Brazil or England.” Francis, 52 years old.

“I have never missed a game in Mexico and this World Cup will not be the exception, I don’t think I will even go to work. I’m not satisfied with the current team, there are good players that they left out. Raúl Jiménez is not here to play and the rest have nothing positive to contribute to the team. Let’s hope they do a good job but it’s doubtful, it’s one of the worst lineups I’ve seen in a long time. I see France or Spain winning, one of them”. Valentine, 30 years old.

“At least I’m going to see the games in Mexico and already the qualifiers towards the final, but I don’t think I’ll see the entire World Cup this year. We can go very far as Mexicans because we want to be the best playing soccer, but it seems that the soccer players don’t care about that, so I don’t expect much from the national team in Qatar. I really don’t know who could win the cup but there is a lot of talk about Denmark or Uruguay”. Mario, 38 years old.

“It is known that perhaps it is the least competitive team in recent years, however I will support them because we are warriors and as Mexicans we always know how to get ahead. I will see Mexico play in the World Cup in Qatar, although it will be difficult to obtain victories since the national team is already over the years. I see the world champion Holland or Spain”. Charles, 45 years old.

“I won’t watch the World Cup because it’s pure business, that’s the only reason they took the team to Qatar. Televisa and Azteca make pure novels exciting Mexicans and with soccer it’s the same. They will only go to the World Cup to be embarrassed. Raúl Jiménez is a shame of Mexico. Without full-backs, without 9, Vega, Chávez, Chuky and 8 more… Hopefully we’ll do well. The cup can go to Brazil, France or Serbia”. Humberto, 40 years old.

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