Qatar 2022: Why can’t videos of the World Cup goals be found on YouTube?

Search the highlights, the outstanding moments of any match of the Qatar World Cup 2022, it became an impossible mission. The television rights of the World Cup are exclusive, and for this reason, videos of plays or goals cannot be seen on YouTube or other networks.

This, without a doubt, is a sometimes exasperating filter. But it is part of the legal framework of FIFA with the jewel in the crown, the soccer world championship.

Official ball of the World Cup

Any channel or social media account using any FIFA video is exposed not only to the publication being blocked, but also to the user himself. You can even get to a legal cause.

On Twitter, some channels can broadcast videos, but these are only seen in the country where the institution has the rights granted by FIFA.

Is there a solution to be able to see, at least, the highlights of the Qatar 2022 matches? Yes: the FIFA+ app. It can be downloaded for both Google play as for App Store, totally free, and shows almost instantly, after each game, a short summary with plays and goals.

The South American channels with the rights to broadcast the World Cup in Qatar 2022

And the parties? Where can you see the Qatar 2022 World Cup games?

Online is very difficult, except with some of the channels that have the television rights. In South America they are:

  • Argentina: FIFA, TyC, Directv, Public TV.
  • Bolivia: FIFA, Red Unitel, Red Uno de Bolivia, Directv, Abydos Trading LLC, Telef√≥nica Celular de Bolivia and State Television Company.
  • Brazil: Balloon.
  • Chili: FIFA, Chilevisi√≥n, Directv.
  • Colombia: FIFA, Directv, Caracol TV, RCN TV.
  • Ecuador: FIFA, Directv, Servisky, Teleamazonas.
  • Paraguay: FIFA, TyC, Directv, Tigo Sports, Channel 12, SNT, Telefuturo.
  • Peru: FIFA, Directv, Latin TV.
  • Uruguay: FIFA, TyC, Directv, Channel 4 TV, SAETA, Teledoce.
  • Venezuela: FIFA, Televen and Galaxy Entertainment of Venezuela.

You can get the global list of channels and companies with the rights to broadcast the World Cup in Qatar 2022 in this FIFA link.

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