Qatar: What is behind the mysterious striker in the black mask?

It caught the attention of many that the South Korean attacker, Son Heung-min, appeared on the field wearing a black mask in the style of Kato, the driver of “The Green Hornet”character played by Bruce Lee.

The player said he was happy to have been able to play this Thursday despite his team’s draw against Uruguay (0-0) in the World Cup in Qatar after a facial injury.

I feel good, I’m not the only one who wears a black mask, some players use it too. I feel comfortable,” Son told the media after the match against Celeste. “I’m happy to be here, happy with the mask I’ve been able to play with, it’s a lot of fun,” Son continued.

The Tottenham Hotspur South Korean striker underwent surgery earlier this month to stabilize a fracture around his left eye.

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Son, 30, was injured three weeks ago in the Champions League match against Olympique de Marseille (2-1) after an air crash and required long treatment on the pitch before being substituted and walking with difficulty through the tunnel.

Playing for your country in the World Cup is the dream of many children, as was mine too. I won’t miss it for the world,” Son wrote on Instagram. “Can’t wait to represent our beautiful country, see you soon.”

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South Korea’s World Cup hopes largely depend on captain Son, who has scored 35 goals in 104 appearances for his country.

South Korea coach Paulo Bento said Son, who had little relevance in his team’s play, needs time to get back in shape.

He has been inactive for a considerable time, he was only able to reintegrate into our team in the last few days”, indicated the Portuguese coach. It is natural that it takes him some time to readjust after the injury”, Bento added.

Just last Wednesday, Bento expressed:

“Our wish is for him to feel as comfortable as possible and to use the best strategy so that he can feel comfortable during the game. He knows and we know that after his injury we cannot take risks.”

South Korea has been unable to repeat its magical run to the 2002 World Cup semifinals in recent tournaments, and Bento said he would not charge the team with the goal of qualifying for the knockout stages, but would take things “game by game.” “.

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