“Quacks, clueless, conspiracy theorists” – because of the dramatic number of infections, this doctor no longer treats unvaccinated people

The situation in German general practitioners’ practices is gradually worsening dramatically. Numerous doctors are already warning that they will soon reach their limits – if that has not happened long ago. A doctor from Oberallgäu is now pulling – as he puts it – the ripcord. Vaccination refusals are now no longer allowed to enter his practice.

Dr. Paul Offenberger is now 70 years old. The experienced physician practiced as a young doctor in Malawi, Africa. In the fight against diseases such as hepatitis or measles, Offenberger recognized how hebr“Reports the importance of vaccinations.

“Corona vaccination is the only safe means to survive the pandemic!”

And so now: Offenberger sees the vaccination as the only safe means to survive the pandemic. He therefore no longer understands anyone who refuses to be vaccinated. “I don’t want to listen to this discussion anymore and let myself be taught by quacks, clueless people who cling to conspiracy theories, a superstition, a pseudo-religion.”

The main reason for this is the protection of patients and practice staff. Overloading in particular plays a crucial role for the doctor, because treatments or even operations have to be postponed more and more often.

The doctor continues to treat emergencies

But the Oberallgäuer does not completely refuse the unvaccinated. In urgent cases, he will of course continue to deal with each other. With the other patients, Offenberger brings the damaged doctor-patient relationship into play.

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“There are patients I have been looking after for almost 35 years, very dear people, but who no longer give me their trust in this crucial vital point. And then I can no longer maintain the doctor-patient relationship because it has broken down, ”said the doctor. The doctor therefore does not fear legal consequences.

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