Qualify as "responsible" the decision not to sign Fabián Orellana

Colo Colo finally decided to end the talks with Fabián Orellana, a forward who had become a priority for Gustavo Quinteros, even over the center forward. The board of directors of Blanco y Negro did not approve his hiring, as they were not convinced of making a significant investment in a 35-year-old player.

This has brought all kinds of reactions from fans on social networks, although not all were critical. The journalist Fernando Agustín Tapia classified this as a decision “responsible” from the dealership.

“I understand that there is a criticism on social networks regarding the slowness of which Blanco y Negro has acted to get the reinforcements that the technician, Gustavo Quinteros, has asked from the rooftops. Fabián Orellana is indisputable in what could be for Colo Colo, a contribution. But I observe that here there is good news in the sense that there is a responsibility in decision-making, “he said in his space as a commentator on the Pauta de Juego program.

In this sense, the professional sees this as a positive sign from the management led by Edmundo Valladares, making a comparison with the mistakes of the past. “It’s what Colo Colo lacked so much in the last 10 years. They are being responsible in making decisions. They say ‘we love the player, we are going to make an effort, we can get to this, but we can get here’ “, he added.

Fabián Orellana was the one appointed by Gustavo Quinteros to replace Martín Rodríguez / PHOTO: Getty Images

He also pointed out that it was the best decision considering the delicate economic moment that the institution is going through. “They stretched the option, offering a salary that is not seen in Chilean football, that a player earn 40 million pesos. Obviously it is much less than what Fabián Orellana earns in Spain, but for Chilean football it is a very high salary and in general for football in South America, perhaps the exception in Brazil. I see an act of responsibility, it is perfect that decisions are made that way because it is what corresponds to this financial moment of Colo Colo “.

Finally, he suggested that December is the best time to bet on more open names as requested by Gustavo Quinteros. “You have to try to balance, give pleasure to the technician who is asking for reinforcements. The DT is asking for reinforcements, but what kind of reinforcements? if it is to incorporate for the sake of incorporation, I think that Quinteros himself would prefer to keep what he has and hold out until the end of the year. Colo Colo with a qualifying ring for the Copa Libertadores can make a greater effort “, Hill.

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