Quarantine imposed in Yucatan due to AH5N1 bird flu outbreak

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Agriculture) of the federal government imposed an internal quarantine on the entire state of Yucatan, due to the detection of an outbreak of bird flu AH5N1 on a farm in the municipality of Umán.

Through a statement issued by the federal agency and the National Agri-Food Health, Safety and Quality Service (Senasica) it is reported that derived from the surveillance actions carried out throughout the country to detect exotic diseasesthe Laboratory of Immunology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, reported the presence of the avian influenza virus Type Asubtype H5N1in the aforementioned Yucatecan municipality.

The document addressed to the head of the Rural Development Secretariat (seder) from Yucatán, Jorge Díaz Loeza, confirms the outbreak of bird flu AH5N1 detected in the entity, as we previously announced in La Verdad Noticias.

That is why, in order to mitigate the risks of diffusion and dissemination of the virus to the national poultry industry, which recommended informing all owners, intermediaries, marketers and individuals or legal entities related to the production, collection, industrialization, transport and commercialization of birds, about the presence of the virus.

“As of this date, internal quarantine is imposed on the entire state of Yucatán,” notes official letter 6651-2022, issued on November 22 by the General Directorate of Animal Health (DGSA).

Quarantine in Yucatan due to bird flu AH5N1

Quarantine imposed in Yucatan due to AH5N1 bird flu outbreak

poultry production farm

Therefore, the Senasica and Agriculture document, signed by the head of the DGSA, Juan Gay Gutiérrez, calls for full compliance with animal health provisions such as the application of the ultimate quarantine to the production units that are affected by the virus of the bird flu AH5N1.

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Among these provisions, there is the slaughter of the birds that are on the farm, destruction of carcasses, waste and contaminated materials, followed by a meticulous cleaning and disinfection of the facilities, activities that must be supervised by official DGSA personnel.

As they are considered to be of high animal health risk, the mobilization of live birds must be carried out with a Poultry Mobilization Notice (AMA), accompanied by an authorization letter issued by the DGSA, a mobilization calendar and proof of vehicle disinfection.

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In the case of eggs for dishes and fertile eggs, from farms located outside the risk zone, they must present negative results for avian influenza due to the RT-PCR test Valid for no more than 20 days.

The mobilization of chicken manure and pullets outside the poultry production units is strictly prohibited, until the epidemiological alert is withdrawn, nor is the mobilization of any risk item such as equipment, supplies, surplus feed and others from the units allowed. of production located in areas under official quarantine.

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