Quatennens case: Corbière does not want LFI "live to the rhythm of this marital tear"

Unlike Clémentine Autain, Alexis Corbière is not in favor of his group hearing Céline Quatennens. “At this stage, the only listening box is justice,” he judges.

Should La France insoumise (LFI) hear Céline Quatennens? “It’s not my opinion”, answers Alexis Corbière on LCI this Thursday. She “is not a member” of this political formation and has not expressed the wish to be heard, underlines the rebellious deputy from Seine-Saint-Denis.

The latter denounced Wednesday to AFP “anger”, “crises” and “physical and moral violence” on the part of Adrien Quatennens for “several years”, refuting any “context of mutual aggression”. Of new accusations that the elected official “absolutely denies”.

The LFI deputy has been in withdrawal since he admitted to having slapped his wife in September. He will be summoned on December 13 before the Lille court for appearance on prior admission of guilt.

Clémentine Autain quickly took the floor to react, saying in the columns of the Figaro, favorable that his group “in one way or another, can hear Céline Quatennens if she accepts it”.

“Nothing happened”

Alexis Corbière replies on LCI that he “does not want his political movement to live to the rhythm of this marital tear”. He denounces “the media game” and calls for “talking about something else”. “Nothing happened”, underlines this close friend of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

And to insist: “This man was national coordinator of our movement, he is no longer. This man was one of the main spokespersons of our movement, he is no longer. He does not sit in any body. He does not come to our group, he does not speak. He is suspended from all that”.

For the rest, Alexis Corbière relies on the judicial authority. “At this stage, the only listening box – imperfect, I know – is justice, which in the silence of an office will listen to everyone,” he said. “If people consider that they have not been heard enough, let them go”.

In line with the press release published by LFI on Wednesday, Alexis Corbière indicates “that from the judicial calendar which will evolve, we will decide collectively” on the fate of Adrien Quatennens. “I will not call for the resignation of a deputy because it is up to the voters to do so,” he adds.

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