Quatennens case: LFI under pressure from the majority, domino effect towards EELV and Bayou

Asked about Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne judged “obviously extremely shocking to have someone trivializing domestic violence“.

It targeted the reaction, controversial even within La France insoumise, of the ex-presidential candidate to the withdrawal of the coordination of Adrien Quatennens, who confessed to domestic violence on Sunday.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon had denounced in a tweet “police malice, media voyeurism, social networks“, welcoming on the other hand the “dignity” and the “courage” from Mr. Quatennens. Before trying to correct the situation in a second tweet: “A slap is unacceptable in any case. Adrian accepts it. It’s good“.

Before the press at the start of the evening on Tuesday, the president of the Renaissance deputies Aurore Bergé judged that from the moment Adrien Quatennens has “acknowledged violence“, he has not “no place in the enclosure of a hemicycle“.

The deputy of Paris Danièle Obono, on BFMTV, indicated that Adrien Quatennens would be “withdrawn from his parliamentary work” but “hemicycle is not prohibited“.

In a column published in Liberation, 550 feminist activists, some of them in left-wing parties, “demand that he resign from his parliamentary mandate, and that the LFI cell seriously consider all the degrees of sanctions available“.

They believe that “the aggressors and perpetrators of violence cannot represent our political struggles“.

Summoned to respond to Mr. Mélenchon and the management of LFI, which is suffering its third sex scandal in a year after the Coquerel and Bouhafs cases, rebellious deputies did not hide their discomfort at a press conference on Tuesday morning.

To manage cases of gender-based violence, “we’re trying to put mechanisms in place, it’s not perfect“, admitted MP Clémentine Autain.

The elected representative of Seine-Saint-Denis, however, felt that it was necessary to recognize the “complexity“such situations, requiring respect for the presumption of innocence of the defendants, to take into account the difficulty on the plan”human“to deal with the case of”comrades“or respect for the victims.

Danièle Obono stressed that the LFI deputies were going to attend a training “obligatoryon gender-based and sexual violence during their parliamentary days on Thursday and Friday.

Clémentine Autain also had a hint of bitterness when she asked “the same vigilance, the same determination“vis-à-vis other parties like LREM, which in his eyes has not been”stalked in the same way” on the Abad case.

– From one case to another? –

The case had a domino effect among environmentalists. Tuesday evening, after hours of hesitation, the office of the environmental group in the Assembly – with 23 deputies – decided to suspend Julien Bayou from his duties as co-president.

The pressure was getting too much, 24 hours after the accusations of “behaviors likely to break the moral health of women” by EELV deputy Sandrine Rousseau, formulated on a television set.

The former primary runner-up said she “received for a long time“at her house an ex-companion”very depressed” by Mr. Bayou. The eco-feminist assured that “they are obviously several“to be concerned by these behaviors, evoking a “ongoing journalistic investigation“.

The environmental group takes the voice of women and the subject of violence against women very seriously“, environmentalists said Tuesday evening. The “indentation“by Julien Bayou”not worth resignation“and was decided”without predicting the conclusions of this case and to ensure the serenity of the return to parliament“, they added.

Cyrielle Châtelain remains the sole president of the environmental group for the time being.

EELV dismissed the idea that its internal cell on sexual violence and harassment, “entered in July 2022 for a report concerning Julien Bayou“, is too slow.

The elected EELV Marine Tondelier, who should run for the head of the party in the coming months, explained to AFP: “These people are volunteers and work on cases that are by definition sensitive, which requires time and calm to gather the floor and take the necessary decisions.“. And Mrs. Tondelier to indicate that if the members of the cell had thought it necessary, “they would have been free to suspend“Julien Bayou from his position as national secretary.

In addition, Marine Tondelier estimated: “This kind of business cannot be settled in the press, including to protect women who speak“, but through”an independent cell“.

When they are brought to its attention, EELV will follow the recommendations of the unit“, promised the party.


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