Quatennens case: the deputy summoned on December 13 before the Lille court for a "to plead guilty"

BFM TV INFO. The LFI deputy, who admitted having slapped his wife, is summoned on December 13 before the Lille court for appearance on prior admission of guilt.

He had acknowledged the facts in a press release, he will now have to do so before a public prosecutor. The deputy LFI Adrien Quatennens is summoned on December 13 before the judicial court of Lille (Nord) for an appearance on prior recognition of guilt (CRPC) in the case of violence against his ex-wife, learned BFM TV, this Monday, from consistent sources.

The Lille prosecutor’s office has decided to offer the deputy a guilty plea procedure in this case, which led him to withdraw from his post as coordinator of La France insoumise on September 18.

This summons before the judicial court, and not before a criminal court, “demonstrates that justice understood the whole of the file and acted with moderation and fairness”, estimated Jade Dousselin, Adrien Quatennens’ lawyer, in a press release. .

The prosecution retains the slap and the SMS, dismisses the harassment

In the range of charges, the prosecution finally retained the slap that the deputy admitted to having dealt his wife as well as the numerous SMS he sent her. According to our information, he has, on the other hand, chosen to abandon the offense of “harassment” of which he could also be accused.

Regarding the slap, Adrien Quatennens’ lawyer clarified that it took place “more than a year ago”, and this in a context “already mentioned of mutual aggressiveness”. As for SMS, “the absence of maliciousness has already been recognized”.

The deputy “accepted this procedure”, further indicated the lawyer, “in the continuity of his desire for truth and exemplarity” and “insofar as he has recognized the facts for which he will be sanctioned.”

A quick procedure

Appearance on prior admission of guilt is a procedure that allows the author of an offense to be judged quickly, from the moment he admits the facts.

On December 13, Adrien Quatennens will therefore face the representative of the prosecution who will offer him a sentence supposed to punish the acts he admits to having committed. If he accepts the sentence, the case will then be sent to a judge to be homologated.

If Adrien Quatennens refuses to go to this appearance or if the negotiation of the sentence fails, he will then be summoned before the Lille court for a public hearing. This would then be held on March 24, 2023.

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