Queen Elizabeth is back: overjoyed at the “Royal Windsor Horse Show”

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Of: Eva Maria Moosmuller

Queen Elizabeth had a great time in her box at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.
Queen Elizabeth had a great time in her box at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. © Stephen Lock/Imago

When it comes to her favorite event, Queen Elizabeth doesn’t take long to ask. At the “Royal Windsor Horse Show” the queen was more lively than she had been for a long time.

Windsor – After she even had to be represented by her son Prince Charles (73) at the traditional opening of Parliament, many royal fans expected that Queen Elizabeth (96) would now completely withdraw from the public.

At the “Royal Windsor Horse Show” the regent has now proven how lively she really is, as 24royal.de knows.

In a few weeks, the gigantic celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s 70th throne jubilee will take place in London. However, it is still in the stars which program points the jubilarian can personally take part in. Her health problems had recently made it so difficult for the 96-year-old that she again had to cancel several appointments – including the traditional Easter service, the garden parties at Buckingham Palace and even the opening of Parliament. Some Royal fans were already wondering if the Queen could even appear on her own anniversary, so worried was her health. How fit she really is at the moment, however, was demonstrated by Queen Elizabeth at the “Royal Windsor Horse Show”. At the latest when it comes to their favorite event, their spirits return unmistakably. The head of the British royal family had not been seen as radiant and cheerful as at the horse show for a long time.

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